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Fan Assembly. Pgs - Craftsman MIDORO MO56 Installation Manual

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5. Fan Assembly.
Remove hanging ball from downrod provided by
loosening set screw on hanging ball. Lower hanging
ball and remove stop pin and then slide hanging ball
off of the downrod. [Refer to diagram 1.]
Loosen yoke set screws and nuts at top of motor
assembly. Remove pin and clip from motor assembly
yoke. [Refer to diagram 2.]
Tip: To prepare for threading electrical wires through
downrod, apply a small piece of electrical tape to the
ends of the electrical wires--this will keep the wires
together when threading them through the
downrod. [Refer to diagram 2.]
Determine the length of downrod you wish to use.
Thread safety cable and electrical wires through
threaded end of downrod and pull extra wire slack
from the upper end of the downrod. [Refer to
diagram 2.]
Thread downrod into the motor assembly yoke until
holes for pin and clip in downrod align with holes in
yoke--make sure wires do not get twisted. Re-insert pin
and clip that were previously removed. Tighten yoke
set screws and nuts securely. [Refer to diagram 2.]
Slide yoke cover and canopy over downrod. [Refer to
diagram 3.]
Thread safety cable and wires through hanging ball;
then slide hanging ball over downrod--the top of the
downrod should be noted as having a set screw hole;
use this hole when setting the set screw. Insert stop
pin into top of downrod and raise hanging ball. Be
sure stop pin aligns with slots on the inside of the
hanging ball. Tighten set screw securely. [Refer to
diagram 4.]
WARNING: Failure to tighten set screw completely
could result in the fan becoming loose and possibly
["Fan Assembly" continued on next page.]
NOTE: The important safety precautions and instructions
appearing in the manual are not meant to cover all possible
conditions and situations that may occur. It must be
understood that common sense and caution are necessary
factors in the installation and operation of this fan.
set screw
diagram 1
electrical wiring
diagram 2
diagram 3
stop pin
diagram 4
page 4
stop pin
hanging ball
safety cable
yoke set
and nut
yoke cover
set screw hole



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