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Craftsman Brilliante BRC52 - 4 Light Installation Manual


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Installation Guide
For Model:
BRC52 - 4 Light
net fan weight: 16.53 lb. (7.5 kg)

Table of Contents:

Wiring. pg. 5
Warranty. pg. 8
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Craftsman Brilliante BRC52 - 4 Light

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS AND SAVE THEM FOR FUTURE USE Brilliante Installation Guide For Model: Table of Contents: BRC52 - 4 Light Safety Tips. pg. 2 Unpacking Your Fan. pg. 3 Parts Inventory. pg. 3 Installation Preparation. pg. 4 Hanging Bracket Installation. pg. 4 Preparation for Wiring.
  • Page 2: Safety Tips

    SAFETY TIPS. WARNING: To reduce the risk of electrical shock, turn off the electricity to the fan at the main fuse box or circuit panel before you begin the fan installation or before servicing the fan or installing accessories. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND SAFETY INFORMATION CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLING YOUR FAN AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS.
  • Page 3: Unpacking Your Fan

    1. Unpacking Your Fan. Carefully open the packaging. Remove items from Styrofoam inserts. Remove motor housing and place on carpet or Styrofoam to avoid damage to finish. Do not discard fan carton or Styrofoam inserts should this fan need to be returned for repairs.
  • Page 4: Installation Preparation

    3. Installation Preparation. blade edge To prevent personal injury and damage, ensure that the hanging location allows the blades a inches clearance of 7ft. (2.13m) from the floor and 30in. 7 feet (76cm) (2.13m) (76cm) from any wall or obstruction. This fan is suitable for room sizes up to 400 12ft.
  • Page 5: Preparation For Wiring

    5. Preparation for Wiring. hanging bracket slot Remove 4 motor mounting screws and lock washers from the bar on the top of motor assembly; leave rubber cushions in place. Lift motor assembly to hanging bracket and place hanging one end of motor assembly in hanging bracket bracket motor assembly slot.
  • Page 6: Motor Housing Assembly

    8. Motor Housing Assembly. hanging Temporarily hold motor housing up to hanging bracket bracket to determine which 2 screws align with slotted holes on top rim of motor housing. Put motor housing down and partially loosen the 2 motor screws in the hanging bracket that correspond to motor housing housing...
  • Page 7: Light Kit Assembly (Optional)

    10. Light Kit Assembly (Optional). reverse motor housing switch If you wish to use your fan WITH the light kit, Remove 3 screws from light kit fitter. Locate BLUE (or BLACK) and WHITE wires in the switch housing labeled FOR LIGHT KIT CONNECTION.
  • Page 8: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting. Warranty. WARNING: Failure to disconnect power supply CRAFTMADE™ LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY: prior to troubleshooting any wiring issues may CRAFTMADE warrants this fan to the original household result in serious injury. purchaser for indoor use under the following provisions: 1-YEAR WARRANTY: CRAFTMADE will replace or repair any fan which has faulty performance due to a defect in Problem: Fan fails to operate.

Table of Contents