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KitchenAid KHIP4 77510 Instructions For Use Manual page 13

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Instructions for use
If you are using a pot that is not suitable, not correctly positioned or not of the correct dimensions
for your induction hob, the message "no pot" will appear in the display (see figure on the left). If no pot is
detected within 60 seconds, the hob switches off.
To change the power level, move your finger horizontally on the slide touchscreen: the number inside
the circle will change with just a quick slide of the finger from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 9. You can
activate the booster function by pressing "BOOST" on the slide touchscreen ("P" on the display). The
"BOOST" power level can be used for up to 10 minutes, after which the appliance automatically switches to
level 9. If more than one cooking zone is on, the slide touchscreen allows you to change the power level of
the selected zone, indicated by the presence of a luminous dot at the bottom right of the power level
indicator. To select a zone, simply press the corresponding round key.
Deactivating cooking zones
Select the cooking zone to be switched off by pressing the corresponding round key (a dot lights up at the
bottom right of the power level indicator). Press OFF on the slide touchscreen.
The cooking zone switches off and, if the zone is still hot, the letter "H" appears in the circle.
"H" is the residual heat indicator. The hob has a residual heat indicator for each cooking zone; these
indicators alert the user when cooking zones are still hot. When the cooking zone cools down, the display
switches off.
Timer selection
The timer can be used to set a max. cooking time of 90 minutes.
Select the cooking zone to be used with the timer (a luminous dot appears at the bottom right of the
power level indicator on the display), then set the required time using the + and - keys of the timer
function: the time in minutes is shown next to the cooking zone display.
A few seconds after the last press, the timer begins the countdown (the cooking zone selection dot starts
Once the set time has elapsed, an acoustic signal sounds and the cooking zone switches off automatically.
For the timer associated with the SENSOR function, refer to the description of the function on the
following pages.
Control panel lock
This function locks the hob controls to prevent accidental activation (e.g. during cleaning).
Press the
: key for three seconds: an acoustic signal sounds and an indicator light turns on above the
lock symbol to confirm activation. The control panel is locked with the exception of the OFF function. To
unlock the controls, repeat the activation procedure. The luminous dot goes off and the hob is active
IMPORTANT: The presence of water, liquid spilled from pots or any objects resting on the key below the
symbol can accidentally activate or deactivate the control panel Lock function.
This function allows you to temporarily hold and then resume cooking processes maintaining previous
settings (except for SENSOR function and timer setting). Press the
blinks on the display in
place of the power levels.
To resume cooking, press the
key again.