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Instructions for use
Flexible zone
This function allows you to use two cooking zones as an extra-large single zone. It is perfect for oval,
rectangular and elongated pans (with maximum base dimensions of 40x18 cm). After switching on the
hob, press the
: key: the two cooking zone displays show level "0"; both dots next to the level number
are lit, indicating selection as a single cooking zone. To change the power level, slide your finger on the
touchscreen: the number inside the circle will change with just a quick slide of the finger from a minimum
of 1 to a maximum of 9. To deactivate the flexible zone function, press the
operation as two separate cooking zones. To switch off the cooking zone, press OFF.
The booster power level and SENSOR function cannot be used when the flexible zone function is in
use. If you use the timer, the time will appear next to the display of the highest plate.
Description of automatic functions
The hob features automatic functions for each cooking zone. The symbols of the available functions are
shown next to the selection key of each cooking zone. Every time an automatic function is selected, an
indicator light turns on next to the symbol and the letter "A" appears in the cooking zone display.
The SENSOR function automatically selects the ideal power level to bring water to the boil, and signals
boiling point.
After positioning the pot containing water on the zone displaying the word SENSOR, switch on the hob
and select the zone. Press the
animation is displayed in the space next to the zone as it heats up.
To ensure correct operation of the SENSOR function, we recommend that you:
use water only (at ambient temperature);
do not add salt, ingredients or seasoning (until boiling point);
do not change the zone's power level, remove or move the pot;
use pots and pans with base diameter between 24 and 28 cm;
fill the pot to at least 1/3 full (about 1 litre) and never to the brim (max. 7 litres);
do not use pressure cookers.
For optimum results, please also observe the following advice:
do not put the lid on the pot that is being used with the SENSOR function;
do not activate the SENSOR function if the zone is still hot (letter "H" on the display).
When the boiling point is reached, the hob emits an acoustic signal. The acoustic signal sounds three
times at regular intervals. After the second signal, a minute counter automatically begins counting the
boiling time. After the third signal, the hob automatically selects a lower power level suitable for
maintaining the boil. From this moment you can add the ingredients, set the timer or change the power
Changing the power level or activating the hold function deactivates the SENSOR function.
The hob manages the SENSOR function and booster levels autonomously, therefore, in some cases, it
may not be possible to activate the booster with the SENSOR function already in use;
the quality of the cookware may affect the performance of the SENSOR function.
Multifunction key
This key allows you to select the "Simmer", "Melt" or "Keep warm" function along with a specific cooking
After selecting the zone, press the
each cooking zone indicates the automatic function selected. Press the
required function.
key: "A" appears on the display and the indicator light turns on. An
key; the indicator light near the special function symbols next to
key: the plates resume
key repeatedly to set the


Table of Contents

Table of Contents