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Getting Started - Electrolux CompactPower EDBS7135AR Instruction Book

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1. Before fi rst use. Remove all adhesive remains and
gently rub with a dampened cloth. Position the steam
generator iron horizontally on the ironing-board or
on a heat resistant, secure surface at the same height
as an ironing-board. Unwind and straighten the
power cord and the steam cord. When turned on for
the fi rst time, temporary vapours/odours may occur.
2. Open the water tank lid. Fill the water tank using
cold water. It is recommended to use Electrolux
AquaSense fi ltered water, taking out impurities like
limescale. Otherwise use destilled water. If the tap
water is particularly hard, use a mix of 50% destilled
water and 50% tap water. Empty the water tank to
rinse out any foreign particles which may remain
from the manufacturing process.
3. Always refi ll the water tank to MAX level using cold
water (A). Replace the water tank lid.
Caution! Never operate the appliance without any
water in the tank.
7. To activate the steam function, press the steam
button for 3-5 seconds, release the button to eject
a concentrated jet of steam. When releasing the
button, use up the steam before putting it back on
the iron rest of the steam station. It is recommended
that the steam button is used for short periods.
Caution! Never release steam while the iron is
standing on its rest.
8. Continuous (AUTO) steam function: Press and hold
the steam button, and move the steam activation
slider forward, to lock the steam button. Release
both buttons. A jet steam will eject continuously and
steadily (AUTO STEAM). To unlock the steam button
and stop the continuous jet steam, press the steam
activation slider backwards.
12. Always store iron on its heel rest.
To clean exterior surfaces, use a damp soft cloth and
wipe dry.
Caution: Do not use any chemical solvents, as these
will damage the surface.
13. Position the appliance so that the boiler safety cap
is uppermost. Remove the rubber cover, unscrew
the boiler safety cap using the fl at key enclosed in
the bottom. Turn the appliance upside-down over a
sink and completely empty the boiler. Mix a descaler
agent and water at the specifi ed ratio, prepare at least
300ml descaler mixture. (Use recommended ratio for
the mixture, if there is much scaling, properly increase
the proportion of descaler.)
Note: We recommend to use the descaler EUD5 from
Electrolux. The descaler bottle contains 4 uses (4 x
125ml) to be mixed with 375ml water at each use.
We recommend to clean the boiler every 2 months.
ELU IFU-EDBS7135AR.indd 16
ELU IFU-EDBS7135AR.indd 16
4. Connect the steam generator iron to the mains
supply. Press the power button (A). Turn the
temperature selector clockwise to maximum setting
(B). The temperature indicator light on the iron will
illuminate. Then, select a steam level by turning the
between low - medium - high
steam level control knob
steam (C).
5. When the temperature indicator light turns on, the
steam station is pre-heating. When the light turns off , it
is ready to be used. Press and hold the steam button for
some seconds to get steam. Then hold for a few more
seconds in order to clean the steam generating system.
6. Iron an old towel, to ensure that any residues inside
the iron are not transferred to the laundry.
If necessary, wipe the soleplate with a slightly damp
9. Turn off the station by pressing the button for a
while and release.
10. Always cool the iron fully on the iron rest before
stowing away. Once the iron is cool, empty the water
tank. Store the steam generator iron on the iron rest.
11. Always store the cord by the cord storage on the
generator base. NEVER wind the power cord around
the iron.
14. Fill the mixture into the boiler and tighten the
boiler safety cap. Soak for one to two hours under
room temperature (increase the soaking time if
necessary; max 8 hours). Pour out the mixture. Fill the
boiler with clean water, then pour it out. Repeat this
step for several times until the scales are removed
and there is no longer a descaler smell. Place back
one measuring cup of clean water in the boiler before
is done, do not keep the boiler completely empty but
leave some water still there (before closing it again).
15. When fi nished using the appliance, turn the
temperature dial to the OFF ("MIN") position. Store
the iron on the iron rest.
Note: Do not store the iron with water in the tank.
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