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Troubleshooting - Electrolux CompactPower EDBS7135AR Instruction Book

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Soleplate is not heating even though
iron is turned on.
Iron does not produce steam.
Steam jet and vertical steam jet
function does not work.
Water leaks from the soleplate during
Flakes and impurities come out of the
soleplate during ironing.
Water leaks from the soleplate while
the iron is cooling down or after it has
been stored.
Brown streaks come out of the
soleplate while ironing and stain the
Recycle the materials with the symbol
Put the packaging in applicable containers to recycle it.
Help protect the environment and human health and to
recycle waste of electrical and electronic appliances.
ELU IFU-EDBS7135AR.indd 17
ELU IFU-EDBS7135AR.indd 17
Possible cause
Connection problem
Temperature control is in MIN position.
Not enough water in tank.
Steam control is selected in non-steam
position ('MIN').
Selected temperature is lower than that
specified to use with steam.
Steam jet function was used very
frequently within a short period.
Iron is not hot enough.
The iron is not hot enough.
You have used hard water, which has
caused scale fl akes to develop in the
water tank.
The iron has been put in horizontal
position while there is still water in the
water tank.
You have used chemical descaling
Fabric fi bres have accumulated in the
holes of the soleplate and are burning.
Fabrics might not be properly rinsed or
the garments are new and have not been
washed before ironing.
Do not dispose appliances marked with the symbol
with the household waste. Return the product to your
local recycling facility or contact your municipal offi ce.
Check main power supply cable, plug
and outlet.
Select adequate temperature.
Fill water tank (see "Getting started",
no 2).
Set steam control between positions of
minimum steam and maximum steam.
Increase temperature to at least
Put iron on horizontal position and
wait before using steam jet function.
Adjust the proper temperature to
steam ironing (up to
). Put iron
in vertical position and wait until
temperature indicator light turns off .
Set the temperature dial to a
to maximum) suitable for steam
ironing. Put the iron on its heel and
wait until the light has gone out before
you start ironing.
Press and hold the steam button for
about one minute to get steam. Then
hold one more minute in order to
clean the steam generating system.
Iron an old towel, to ensure that
any residues inside the iron are not
transferred to the laundry.
Empty the water tank and set the
steam control to position off before
storing the iron.
Do not use any descaling agents.
Clean the soleplate with a damp soft
Please rinse the laundry properly
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