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LG WD-3243RHD Owner's Manual page 21

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÷ After a while, detergents and fabric softeners leave a deposit inthe drawer.
• It should be cleaned from time to time with a jet of running water.
• If necessary it can be removed completely from the machine by pullingit out.
• To facilitate cleaning, the upper part of the fabric softener compartment can be removed.
• The drawer
÷ Detergent can also accumulate inside the recess which
should be cleaned occasionally with an old toothbrush.
• Once you have finished cleaning, replace the drawer and run
a rinse cycle without laundry.
• The
• If you live in a hard water area, limescale continuously build-up in places where it cannot be seen
and it is not easily removed.
Over time the build-up of scale clogs appliances, and if it is not kept in check, these will eventually
have to be replaced.
• Although the washing drum is made of Stainless steel, specks of rust can be caused by small metal
articles (paper clips, safety pins,etc.,) which have been left in the drum.
• The washing drum should be cleaned from time to time.
• If you use descaling agents, dyes, or bleaches, make sure they are suitable for washing machine
÷ Descaler could contain components that can attack part of your washing machine.
÷ Remove the spots with a stainless steel cleaning agent.
÷ Never use steel wool.



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