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LG WD-3243RHD Owner's Manual page 10

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1. Care Labels
Lookfor a care label on your clothes. This will tell you about the fabric content of your
garment and how it should be washed.
2. Sorting
To get the bestresults,Sortclothesintoloadsthat can be washedwith thesame wash cycle.
Watertemperatureand spin speedand differentfabricsneedto be washedin differentways.
Always sort dark colors from pale colors and whites. Wash separatelyas dye and lint
transfercan occur causing discolorationof white etc. If possible,do not wash heavily
soiled items with lightlysoiled one.
Soil (Heavy, Normal,Light)
Color (White,Lights, Darks)
Lint (Lint Producers,Collectors)
Separate clothesaccordingto amount of soil.
Separatewhite fabricsfrom coloredfabrics.
Wash lint producersand lint collectors
3. Check
• Combine large and small items in a load. Load large items first. Large items should not be more
than half the total wash load.
Do not wash single items. This may cause an out-of-balance load. Add one or two similar items,
• Checkall the pockets to make sure
that they are empty. Things such
as nails, hair clip, matches,pens,
coins, and keys can damage both
your washer and your clothes.
• Closezippers, hooks, and strings
to make sure that these itemsdon't
snag on other clothes.
• Pre-treatdirt and stains by
brushinga little detergent dissolved
in water onto stains like collars and
cuffs to help shift dirt.



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