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LG WD-3243RHD Owner's Manual page 19

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i_!! i:S #__ i_iiiE¸ ___ _ !__!! _ i_!_i_ _i! !! i i!i
•Whenchildlockisselected, CL isdisplayed.
•Whentimedelayis selected, i tshowsthe
remaining timetofinish theselectedprogram.
• If the washer has a trouble, the trouble
type is displayed.
PE : Sensing water pressure error
FE : Problem of overfilting water
dE : Door is not closed
f E : Over load in motor
r E : Over load in motor
/zE : water temperature trouble
dHE : Dry heater or thermostat trouble
If thiserror lettersare displayed, p lease refer to
thetroubleshootingguide onpage 25.
• Thewashing lima mayvary bythe amount
of laundry, w aterpressure, w ater
temperature, and otherwashing conditions.
• iftheimbalance isdetected or ifthesuds
removingprogram works,thewashlimewill
be bnger.The maximum increase is45
:i : : i ¸ ¸¸
•Whendryingcyde is completed,_d [SLOW
DOWN]isdisplayed on theMultidispl_,.
•TheSLOWDOWNis setlingautomatically
whena dryingq/de iscomplete.
•Whenyou arenotremovea bad of clothes
fromthedryeras soonas itstops,wrinklescan
•TheSLOWDOWNoperating periodically
tumbles, r earranges andfluffstheloadto avoid
wrinkles withoutheatforup to 180minutes.
•The _d messagewilleantinue todisplayuntil
thedothesare removed or theSTART/PAUSE
• When washing cycle is completed, En_
is displayed on the Multi display.
•During washing cycle, _ e remaining w ashing
•Recommended program bymandacturar.
- COirON
Approx. 3 hours55minutes
- PERMPRESS Approx. 3 hours35minutes
Approx. 3 6minutes
Approx. 5 6minutes
Approx. 5 6minutes
- RINSE+SPIN Approx. 3 2minutes
It isimpossible to giveexactdryinglimes.
Conditbnsfromhometo homevaryanddiredJy
affectdryinglimes.Thelengthof timeittakesto
dry loadswilldependon severalvariables.
•Thesecycleshavea longercooldownperiod
to reducewrinkling.
•Theautomatic cyclewilldetermine thelime
neededandoften provides the bestresults.
•Modifiers allowyoutofurthercustomize your
cyclesand saveenergy.



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