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LG WD-3243RHD Service Manual

Washing machine
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  Summary of Contents for LG WD-3243RHD

  • Page 5 Automatic process from washing to drying. More economical by Intelligent Wash System Direct Drive system Child-Lock TIME TEMP. DELAY Low noise speed control system Auto Restart...
  • Page 11: Child Lock

    Rinse Hold LED display Wash program s For manual option and spin TIME D HOT/COLD AUTO EXTRA WASH TIME LEFT 1200 WARM/WARM TIME 1000 NO SPIN WARM/COLD RINSE PLUS NO HEAT RINSE HOLD COLD/COLD Dry selector Water temperature selector Child lock...
  • Page 12: On/Off Button

    Start/Pause button Door open button Door open button elector ON/OFF button DELAY COTTON RINSE+SPIN NO INLET PERM PRESS DELICATE IMBALANCE QUICK WOOL NO DRAIN Door lock display DOOR LOCK Delay finish Error display...
  • Page 23 OPTION SPIN...
  • Page 24 TEMP.
  • Page 40: Exploded View And Part List

    10. EXPLODED VIEW AND PART LIST 10-1.THE EXPLODED VIEW OF CABINET ASSEMBLY A154 A153 A110 A152 A151 A150 A101 A102 A104 A141 A103 A131 A100 A130 A140 A430 A440 A134 A450 A133 A410 A300 A303 A310 A200 HOT (RED) A201 A275 A220 COLD (BLUE)
  • Page 41 10-2 THE EXPLODED VIEW OF CONTROL PANEL & DISPENSER ASSEMBLY F322 F321 F300 F462 F170 F160 F320 F325 F464 F310 F466 F226 F432 F225 F227 F436 F430 F220 F431 F441 F430 F435 F120 F110 F210 F130...
  • Page 42: The Exploded View Of Drum & Tub Assembly

    10-3 THE EXPLODED VIEW OF DRUM & TUB ASSEMBLY K140 K141 K110 K142 K411 K420 K115 K360 K121 K122 K125 K123 K130 K143 K131 K350 K351 F140 K311 K310 K511 K510 K111 K610 K105 K611 K410 K320 K530 K540 K340 F467 F468 K520...
  • Page 43: The Exploded View Of Dryer

    10-4 THE EXPLODED VIEW OF DRYER M111 M120 M110 M100 M121 M210 M215 M101 M220 M312 M310 M230 M311 M260 K311...

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