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LG WD-3243RHD Owner's Manual page 15

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•Thiswasher-dryer's automatic
process fromwashing to drying
canbe selected e asily.
•Formostevendrying, m ake sure
allar_cles i ntheclothes loadare
similar i n material andth_ness.
•Donotoverload dryerbystuffing toomanyarticles
intodrum. I temsmustbeabletotumble freely.
•Ifyouopendoorandremove Icedbefore dryerhas
finished itscycle, r emember to press the
START/PAUSE b utton.
• Use your AutomaticCycles to dry most
loads. Electronicsensors measurethe
temperatureof the exhaust to increase or
decrease dryingtemperaturesfor faster
reaction time and tigher temperaturecontrol.
• If a load is not as dry as you like, complete
drying usinga time cycle.
•Bypressing theDRYbutton, t hedrying timecan
•These drying timesaregivenasa guide to help
yousetyourdryer f ormanual d rying. D rying times
canvarygreatly depending ondampness, room
temperature a ndtypeoffabricandyourown
experience w illbeyourbestguide.
•AUTO(Normal)Cotton65/8 Ibs.(3.0kg)
30/60/90/120/150 minutes
30 rain. Cotton 21/5 Ibs.(1.0kg)
60 min. Cotton 43/7 Ibs.(2.0kg)
150rain.Cotton 68/8 Ibs.(3.0kg)
The Estimated drying time varies
from the actual drying time with
an Automatic. The type of fabric,
size of the load, and the dryness
selected affect drying time.
• Your dryer can handle a load of up to 3 kg dry
weight of articles.
• When loading,shake out each handfulof
clothesso that they can tumble freely.
Items should not be loaded in a tangled
condition, as this will lengthenthe drying time.
Woolen Articles
- Do not tumble dry woolenarticles. Pull them
to their original shape, and dry them flat.
Woven and LoopknitMaterials
- SomewoveeendIoopknitmaterialsmay
shrink, byvaryingamounts, d ependiegon
their quality.
- Always stretch them out immediatelyafter
PermanentPress and Synthetics
- Do not overloadyour dryer
- Take out permanent press articlesan soon as
the dryer stopsto reducewrinkles.
Fiber or Leather Materials
- Alwayscheck the manufacture'sinstructions.
Baby Clothes and Night Gowns
- Always check the manufacture'sinstructions.
Rubber and Plastics
- Do not dry any itemsmade from or containing
rubber or plastics,such as:
a) aprons, bibs, chair covers
b) curtains and tablecloths
c) bathmats
- Do not dry fiberglassarticles in your dryer.
Glass particlesleft in the dryer could be picked
up by your clothesthe next time you use the
dryer and irritate your skin.



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