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Installation Instructions; Installation - Bosch TR2000 Series Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Installation instructions

• Only make the openings which are required for
installation on the rear of the appliance. If the
appliance is reinstalled, the unused openings must
be provided with watertight sealing.
• Do not touch electrically live parts after installation.
• The appliance should be disconnected from the
electrical mains supply when working on the water
supply. After service work is complete, proceed as
during the first-time appliance start-up.
• No changes may be made to the appliance.
• The appliance may only be used for heating drinking
water for household use.
• The mixer and the warm water pipe may be hot.
Please inform and instruct children appropriately.
• Do not use aggressive or abrasive cleaning
• Do not use a steam cleaner.
• The appliance is only to be descaled by a suitably
qualified specialist.
Safety of electrical devices for domestic use and
similar purposes
The following requirements apply in accordance with
EN 60335-2-35 in order to prevent hazards from
occurring when using electrical appliances:
"This appliance can be used by children of 3 years and
older, as well as by people with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities or lacking in experience
and knowledge, if they are supervised and have been
given instruction in the safe use of the appliance and
understand the resulting dangers. Children shall not
play with the appliance. Cleaning and user
maintenance must not be performed by children
without supervision."
"If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by
the manufacturer, its customer service department or
a similarly qualified person, so that risks are avoided."
Congratulations on purchasing this BOSCH appliance.
You have acquired a top-quality product, which will
give you a lot of enjoyment.
Please read this installation and operating
instruction manual carefully, then act accordingly!
Store for future reference.
Installation instructions
Install the continuous-flow heater as described in the illustrated
section. Observe the instructions in the text.


Unpacking/removing the cover (Fig. 1)
• Unpack the appliance and check for transport damage.
• Dispose of the packaging and, where applicable, the old appliance, in
an environmentally conscious manner.
Preparation for installation (Fig. 2)
Important: Only use the enclosed installation set.
• Shut off water supply. The electrical connection (connection cable)
must be disconnected from the power supply. Unscrew the fuse or
switch off the circuit breaker.
Wall mounting (Fig. 3)
• The continuous-flow heater must be fitted securely to the wall.
If required, secure the appliance using the lower adjusting screws.
• The distance from the wall is variable. This allows you to compensate
for any unevenness in the wall surface.
• The sleeve must fit tightly round the connection cable. If the sleeve is
damaged during installation, the holes must be sealed water-tight.
Water connection (Fig. 4)
• The continuous-flow heater must be vented. Open the warm water
tap fully and flush out the appliance thoroughly for 1 minute.
• The flow-rate limiter must be installed in the old water regulating
In accordance with EN60335-2-35, when the appliance is intended to
supply water for showering, the flow limiter must not be installed
(Fig. 6[A]).
Electrical connection (Fig. 5)
• The electrical supply terminal can be fitted at the top or bottom.
The sheath of the connection cable must extend for at least 40 mm
into the appliance.
Installation note
• The installation of non plug-in ready appliances must be undertaken
by the respective utility operator or by a qualified specialist company,
who can also assist you when you are requesting the approval of
the utility company for installation of the appliance.
Startup (Fig. 6/7)
The device is compliant to IEC 61000-3-12.
• At low water pipe pressure, check whether the 2 setting switches
on even when water is drawn from several cold-water taps
simultaneously. If not, remove the flow limiter (refer to additional
information 6,A).
• Instruct the user with regard to the operation of the continuous-flow
Additional information (Fig. 6, A/B)
• If the water pressure of the interior system is low, do not operate
the continuous-flow heater at full power, but remove the flow limiter
(A, 3).
• Priority circuit for the combined operation of electric storage heaters
TR2000 | TR2000R – 6 720 876 014 (2019/04)


Table of Contents

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