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Installation; Operating Environment; Power Supply; Power Specifications - Sony MPE-200 Installation Manual

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1-1. Operating Environment

Operating guaranteed temperature :
Performance guaranteed temperature : +10 dC to +35 dC
Operating humidity :
Storage temperature :
Mass :
Prohibited locations for installation
. Areas where the unit will be exposed do direct sunlight
or any other strong lights.
. Dusty areas
. Areas is subject to vibration.
. Areas with strong electric or magnetic fields.
. Areas near heat sources.
. Areas subject to electrical noise.
. Areas subject to static electricity.
The inside of the MPE-200 is air-cooled by a fan (inside
and back side).
The power supply can be damaged if the exhaust vent
(back side) and air intake (front panel) are blocked or the
fan is stopped.
Therefore, leave a blank space of more than 10 cm in the
front and back of the MPE-200.

1-2. Power Supply

1-2-1. Power Specifications

A switching regulator is used for the power supply of this
unit. A voltage within the range of 100 V to 127 V or 200 V
to 240 V can be used without changing the supply voltage.
Power requirements : AC 100 to 127 V, AC 200 to 240 V
Power frequency :
50/60 Hz
Current consumption : AC 100 to 127 V: 4.0 A
AC 200 to 240 V: 2.0 A
The power source gives off heat even during standby, so
the internal unit fan continues to rotate.
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1-2-2. Recommended Power Cord

+5 dC to +40 dC
. Use the approved Power Cord (3-core mains lead)/
20 % to 90 %
(relative humidity)
_20 dC to +60 dC
. Use the Power Cord (3-core mains lead)/Appliance
Approx. 11.5 kg
If you have questions on the use of the above Power Cord/
Appliance Connector/Plug, please contact your local Sony
Sales Office/Service Center.
. Never use an injured power cord.
. Plugging the power cord in the AC inlet, push as far as it
For customers in the U.S.A. and Canada
Appliance Connector/Plug with earthing-contacts that
conforms to the safety regulations of each country if
Connector/Plug conforming to the proper ratings (Volt-
age, Ampere).
will go.
1 Power cord, 125 V 15 A (2 m) : ! 1-837-564-11
For customers in the all European countries
1 Power cord, 250 V 16 A (2 m) : ! 1-837-562-11
AC inlet
AC inlet
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