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Sony MPE-200 Installation Manual

Multi image processor
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1st Edition (Revised 1)
Serial No. 10001 and Higher



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  • Page 1 MULTI IMAGE PROCESSOR MPE-200 INSTALLATION MANUAL 1st Edition (Revised 1) Serial No. 10001 and Higher...
  • Page 2 Pour toute réparation faire appel à une personne compétente uniquement. For safety, do not connect the connector for peripheral device wiring that might have excessive voltage to the following port(s). : NETWORK-1 to 2 connector Follow the instructions for the above port(s). MPE-200...
  • Page 3 For the operating temperature of the equipment, refer to the specifications of the Installation Manual. 6. When performing the installation, keep the following space away from walls in order to obtain proper exhaust and radiation of heat. Rear: 10 cm (4 inches) or more 1 (P) MPE-200...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Installing and Setting Up the Software ....1-12 (E) 2. Service Overview 2-1. Error Display ............2-1 (E) 2-2. Periodic Inspection and Maintenance ...... 2-2 (E) 2-2-1. Cleaning ............2-2 (E) 2-2-2. Periodic Replacement Parts ......2-3 (E) 1 (E) MPE-200...
  • Page 7: Manual Structure

    Manual Structure Purpose of this manual This manual is the installation manual of Multi Image Processor MPE-200. This manual is intended for use by trained system and service engineers, and describes the information on installing the MPE-200. Related manuals Besides this Installation Manual, the following manuals are prepared for MPE-200.
  • Page 9: Installation

    Ventilation For customers in the U.S.A. and Canada 1 Power cord, 125 V 15 A (2 m) : ! 1-837-564-11 The inside of the MPE-200 is air-cooled by a fan (inside and back side). AC inlet The power supply can be damaged if the exhaust vent (back side) and air intake (front panel) are blocked or the fan is stopped.
  • Page 10: Installation Space (External Dimensions)

    1-3. Installation Space (External Dimensions) Unit : mm 1-2 (E) MPE-200...
  • Page 11: Rack Mounting

    The MPE-200 installs in a 19-inch standard rack. This section describes the rack mounting procedure using To mount the MPE-200 in a rack, use the specified rack the RMM-10 rack mount kit. mount kit and follow the procedure described below.
  • Page 12 5. Tighten the screws (B4 x 6 : two screws each on the right and left) for adjusting the length of the adaptor completely (the screws that were loosened in step 3). 6. Remove the front panel of the equipment. (Refer to Section 2-2-1.) 1-4 (E) MPE-200...
  • Page 13: How To Fix The Power Cord

    Fix the power cord in the following steps to prevent the power cord from accidentally coming off while the power is supplied to the MPE-200. 1. Move the extract stopper in the direction of the arrow. Extract stopper 2.
  • Page 14: Matching Connectors And Cables

    1-6. Matching Connectors and Cables Use the following connectors, cables or equivalents when connecting cables to the unit. Panel indication Connector name Matching connector and cable Name Sony part No. NETWORK-1 RJ-45 modular jack NETWORK-2 RS-232C D-sub 9-pin, Male D-sub 9-pin, Female...
  • Page 15 Data set ready Request to send Clear to send No connection USB : USB (USB connector) _ EXT VIEW _ Pin No. Signal Input/ Function name Output VBUS USB Vcc USB Data (_) USB Data (+) Ground 1-7 (E) MPE-200...
  • Page 16: Setting The On-Board Switches And Description Of Leds

    The power turns off forcibly when pressed for 5 seconds during operation. (Same action as that of the Power switch on the front panel) S6503 (F-6) Reset The system is reset when pressed during operation. 1-8 (E) MPE-200...
  • Page 17 Not used Not used *2: The RS-232C connector of the front side is on the KY-660 board. When using it, the front panel must be removed. (For the procedure to remove the front panel, refer to “2-2-1. Cleaning”.) 1-9 (E) MPE-200...
  • Page 18 KY-660 board) No. 1 (S102-1) inside the front panel turned ON, all the LEDs from “2” to “5” blink while LED “1” stays unlit. *3: The system control is the embedded CPU to start and shut down the system, and to monitor the state of the system. 1-10 (E) MPE-200...
  • Page 19 Standby status Lit (red) Unit starting up Blinking (green) Firmware starting up Lit (green) Operation normal Lit (green) Lit (blue) Shutting down Lit (green) Unit shutting down Blinking (red) Warning status Blinking (blue) Error status Blinking (red) 1-11 (E) MPE-200...
  • Page 20: Installing And Setting Up The Software

    Yellow-green Lights when FPGA configuration is complete. Lights on 1-9. Installing and Setting Up the Software For installing and setting up the software (system and application) to the MPE-200, contact your local Sony Sales Office/ Service Center. 1-12 (E) MPE-200...
  • Page 21: Service Overview

    *1 : A state where a less urgent abnormality such as fan rotation drop or a warning for replacement time is detected. *2 : A state where the machine has been shut down after an abnormality with high urgency such as power failure or temperature rise has been detected. INFORMATION LED Front panel 2-1 (E) MPE-200...
  • Page 22: Periodic Inspection And Maintenance

    Cleaning of the fan every month is recommended. Filter 1. Turn off the main power of the MPE-200 and discon- nect the AC power cord from the wall outlet. 2. Loosen the two screws (with drop-safe) and remove the front panel in the direction of the arrow.
  • Page 23: Periodic Replacement Parts

    Power supply unit About 4 years Replacement period of the fans The cumulative usage time of the fans inside the MPE-200 is separately measured, and an alarm is issued when the usage time is about to be expired. (Refer to “2-1. Error Display”.)
  • Page 25 The material contained in this manual consists of information that is the property of Sony Corporation. Sony Corporation expressly prohibits the duplication of any portion of this manual or the use thereof for any purpose other than the operation or maintenance of the equipment described in this manual without the express written permission of Sony Corporation.
  • Page 26 Printed in Japan Sony Corporation MPE-200 (SY) J, E 2012. 4 08 4-172-042-02 ©2009...