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Convection Baking Guide - Black & Decker TRO4085 Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker countertop convection oven owner's manual
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ConVeCtion BaKinG GUiDe

note: When baking foods, use the upper or lower rack position.
Chicken pieces
to fit bake pan
(1- 4 pieces)
Ham, lamb, pork
to fit bake pan
chops, fish fillet
(1-4 chops or
or steak
Cookies (recipe
6-8 cookies
or refrigerated
slice & bake,
drop or pre-cut)
Biscuits, dinner
to fit bake pan
rolls (recipe or
White or sweet
1-6 medium
Frozen French
single layer to fit
fries, onion
bake pan
rings, other
frozen (breaded
and fried foods),
frozen snacks
frozen pizza
375°F (191 °C)
Bake until chicken
45-55 minutes
registers 180°F (82 °C) on
meat thermometer.
325°F (163 °C)
Bake until done as
or follow favorite
Follow package
Arrange in
or recipe
bake pan and
place on top of
slide rack. Bake
until done and
browned as
Follow package
Arrange in bake pan
or recipe
and place on top of slide
rack. Bake until done and
browned as desired
400°F (204 °C)
Wash and pierce potatoes.
1 to 1¼ hours
Place directly on slide
Follow package
Arrange in bake pan
and place on top of slide
rack. Check frequently to
prevent over browning.
Follow package
Place pizza directly on
slide rack for a crisp
crust, or in bake pan for a
softer crust.
important: the oven top and side surfaces get hot.
note: When broiling, preheat oven for 5 minutes.
1. Use the Broiling guide (page 12) for cooking times.
2. Set temperature control to 450 Broil/Toast position.
3. Insert slide rack into upper slot. Set the cooking FUnCTIOn selector to Broil.
4. Open oven door and use the bake pan as a drip tray. Insert it under the slide rack on the
rack support rails (db).
important: You must set the timer or select stay on for the oven to function.
5. Turn timer past 20 and then turn back or forward to desired broiling time. Select Stay On,
if you want to control cooking time yourself.
6. Place food on the slide rack.
note: Be sure the top edge of the food or container is at least 1½" (3.81 cm) away from the
upper heating elements.
important: Food should not extend beyond the edges of the bake pan to avoid drippings
from falling onto the heating elements.
7. The first time you broil an item in this oven, cook according to recipe or package
instructions and check at minimum time to see if it is done.
8. When finished broiling:
• If the timer was on, the signal bell sounds, the indicator light goes off and the oven
automatically turns off.
• If the timer was not on, turn the TIMeR/TOAST selector from the Stay On position
to the Off position. The indicator light goes off.
9. Using an oven mitt or pot holder, slide out broiling rack together with bake pan to
remove food.
important: always use an oven mitt or pot holder to remove food from the oven as the
door and the slide rack will be hot.



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