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Bake Function; Convection Function - Black & Decker TO4000SD Use And Care Manual

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Preset temperature: 350°F
Preset Time: 30 minutes
Rack position: lower slot
This function is ideal for baking casseroles, fresh or frozen pies and roasting meats and
1. Place rack in lower slot.
2. Press BAKe button.
3. on indicator light blinks, YoU HAVe 2 MINUTeS To PRoCeed.
4. Preset temperature flashes on digital display. To change temperature press (▲) or
(▼) (TeMP) button.
5. To see or change time press (▲) or (▼) (TIMe) button.
6. Press START/SToP button to begin cooking.
7. oven begins preheating; the display will blink until the selected temperature is
reached; the oven will beep 3 times.
8. At end of cooking cycle, unit beeps and oven turns off.


This function uses an internal fan to distribute the heat evenly.
The CoNVeCTIoN button can be selected anytime once the BAKe, PIZZA, KeeP WARM,
or ReHeAT functions have been selected. The indicator light will turn on.
Note: Some foods will bake faster than expected; watch cooking time.



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