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Automatic breadmaker
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How To Use Your Breadmaker
out onto a wire cooling rack. The Baking Pan and
Mixing Paddle have a non-stick coated finish so that
the bread should come out easily. Do not use metal
difficulty removing bread from the Baking Pan, slide
a flat rubber or plastic spatula along the sides of the
pan to loosen the loaf. Turn the pan over and shake
the loaf out. Allow the bread to cool before slicing.
If the Mixing Paddle remains in the bottom of your
loaf, allow the loaf to cool then use a plastic spoon
or rubber spatula to remove the paddle. Do not use
a knife or other sharp metal object as this will
scratch the non-stick coating on the Mixing Paddle.
Using The "Add-Ingredient"
All settings, except for Rapid Bake, have a built-
in "Add-Ingredient" function which signals with
beeps when it's time to add ingredients such as
fruits or nuts. The beeps sound before kneading is
complete to let you know it's time to add the
ingredients. The actual time of the beeps can vary
up to 5 minutes depending on the room tempera-
ture at the time when you started the bread making
program. The following chart can be used for
When to add
Ingredients after
Starting Program
Basic Bread
30-35 minutes into program
Sweet Bread
30-35 minutes into program
Whole Grain 37-42 minutes into program
40-45 minutes into program
This function lets you add ingredients so that
they don't get chopped up by the Mixing Paddle
and blended into your loaf. If you are using the
TIMER to delay baking (perhaps while you are asleep
utensils to remove bread as
they may scratch the non-
stick coating. If you have
Time Displayed
when Beeper
or away from home), you may bypass this function
by ignoring the signal and adding ingredients in the
order called for in the recipe, however, you may end
up with somewhat broken pieces.
To add ingredients, raise the lid and carefully
pour the ingredients into the Baking Pan.
CAUTION: It is important to avoid spilling
ingredients into the oven chamber.

Setting The Timer

(For Delayed Completion)
Use the TIMER when you would like to delay the
completion of your bread or dough/pasta. This
feature allows you to delay bake time for up to 13
hours. For example, it lets you set the TIMER at
7 PM one evening so that you can wake to fresh
bread by 8 AM the following morning. NOTE: The
TIMER cannot be used with the Rapid Bake setting.
To set the TIMER, follow these instructions:
NOTE: Be sure you have followed the "How to Use
Your Breadmaker" steps 1-6 in preparing the
ingredients in the Baking Pan. It is not recommended
that you use the "Delayed Completion" function and
TIMER with recipes that call for fresh ingredients that
might spoil such as eggs, fresh milk, buttermilk, or
To use the TIMER, you must first set the digital
clock to the correct time of day. To change the
flashing 12:00 AM, first press the CLOCK button.
While the "12" is flashing, the hour can be set by
immediately pressing the "Up" and "Down" arrows
to change the time in 1 hour intervals. Make sure the
"AM" or "PM" displayed is appropriate. While the
correct hour is flashing in the display, press the
CLOCK button again to set the minutes. If the hour
display has stopped flashing before the minutes have
been set, press the CLOCK button twice. While the
"00" is flashing, the minutes can be set by pressing
the "Up" and "Down" arrows. You may hold either
arrow to rapidly change the time in 5 minute inter-
vals, or press and release to change 1 minute at a
Once the clock is set, the TIMER can easily be
set following similar steps. To wake up to the
aroma of fresh baked bread at 8:30 AM for example,
press and hold the TIMER button until
appears on the display, and the "12" of 12:00 AM

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Table of Contents

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