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Basic Operations; Notes On Handling Paper; Notes On Loading Paper - Epson SC-F6300 Operator's Manual

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SC-F6300 Series
Operator's Guide

Basic Operations

Notes on Handling Paper

If the following points are not observed when
handling paper, small amounts of dust and lint may
stick to the paper surface and cause ink drops in the
print results or cause the nozzles to clog.
Do not place exposed paper directly on the floor.
Paper should be rewound and inserted in its original
packaging for storage.
Do not carry paper with the paper surface pressed
against clothing.
Handle paper in its individual packaging until just
before loading the paper in the printer.

Notes on Loading Paper

Do not rub your hands along the edges of the
paper. The edges of the paper are sharp and can
cause injury.
Basic Operations
Load the paper just before printing.
The pressure rollers may leave an impression on paper
that is left in the printer. This can also cause wavy or
curled paper resulting in paper feeding problems or
the print head could be scratched.
Do not load paper if the right and left edges are
If paper is loaded and the right and left edges of the
roll are uneven, paper feeding problems may cause the
paper to move around during printing. Either rewind
to align the edges or use a roll without any issues.
Paper that cannot be used
Do not use paper that is folded, wrinkled, scuffed,
torn, or dirty. The paper could rise up and contact the
print heads and damage them.
Do not use paper that is frayed at the ends of the roll,
wrinkled, torn, and so on, as shown in the following



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