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Procedure For Ink Refills - Epson SC-F6300 Operator's Manual

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SC-F6300 Series
Operator's Guide
Charging and reserving chip units
Writing the information about available amount of
ink in one ink pack when a chip unit is installed on
the printer is called "charging". After charging, the
chip unit that was installed on the printer can be
replaced with the chip unit supplied with the next new
ink pack. Replacing a new chip unit after charging is
called "reserving". By reserving, the information about
the available amount of ink in one ink pack is
automatically charged to the printer from the reserved
chip unit simultaneously when the charge is gone.
Reserving can be done at any time if the indicator's
level for the estimated amount of ink is between 1 and
When reservation is performed, a warning is not
displayed when the estimated amount of ink becomes
low. Refill the ink with one pack of ink if the
remaining ink is 50 mm or less from the bottom of the
ink tank. See steps 2 to 6 on the following page for the
procedure to replace the chip units.
You can confirm whether or not a chip is reserved by
the status icons of the chip units.
U User's Guide (Online Manual)

Procedure for Ink Refills

The refill method differs depending on the type of ink.
Use the refill method that matches the type of ink.
Before performing operations, check the "Safety data
sheet"and the following notes.
You can download it at your local Epson Web site.
❏ Store ink packs and waste ink in a location
out of reach of children.
❏ Wear protective eyewear, gloves, and a mask
when performing maintenance.
Should ink or waste ink contact your skin or
enter your eyes or mouth, take the following
❏ If fluid adheres to your skin, wash it off
using large volumes of soapy water. If you
notice any reaction developing in the
affected area, consult with a qualified
physician immediately.
❏ If ink gets into your eyes, wash them out
immediately with water. Failure to
observe this precaution could result in
bloodshot eyes or mild inflammation.
Consult with a qualified physician if any
other problems should develop.
❏ If fluid enters your mouth, consult with a
physician as soon as possible.
❏ If swallowed, do not induce vomiting.
Consult with a physician as soon as
possible. If vomiting is induced, vomited
material may enter the windpipe, which
is dangerous.
❏ Be aware of the following points when
refilling ink.
❏ Carefully cut open the nozzle on the ink
If too much force is applied, the ink may
splatter out.
❏ Do not grip the ink pack too strongly after
opening. This may cause the ink to be
squeezed out of the pack.
❏ When pouring the ink into the ink tank,
slowly tilt the ink pack to pour.



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