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Removing The Roll Paper - Epson SC-F6300 Operator's Manual

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SC-F6300 Series
Operator's Guide
Cutting paper manually using the built-in cutter
Press the )button. Viewing the interior of
the printer without opening the printer cover,
press the d button to align the cut location
with the
mark on the right side of the
printer's interior.
The minimum length of paper that can be cut
with the built-in cutter is fixed at 60 to 127 mm
and cannot be changed. If the cutting position is
shorter than the shortest length above, the paper
has to be automatically fed to that length thus a
margin will have to be left. Cut off the margin
with a cutter sold at a store.
Press the Zbutton.
The paper is cut by the built-in cutter.

Removing the roll paper

This section describes how to remove and store roll
paper after printing. The pressure rollers may leave
impressions on paper that is left in the printer.
Basic Operations
Buttons that are used in the following settings
Confirm that the printer is ready and press the
( button.
The Load/Remove Paper menu will be displayed.
Press the d/u buttons to highlightRemove
Paper and press the Z button.
In order to perform accurate remaining roll paper
management, we recommend opening the . tab
and recording the amount of roll paper
remaining when you replace the roll paper.
To perform Roll Paper Remaining, you must
enter the length of the roll paper when the roll
paper is set.
The paper will automatically be rewound.
Once the paper is rewound, the printer will
display Press
When the display shows Turn roll paper adapter
to wind up roll paper, open the roll paper cover
and rewind the paper by hand.
Open the roll paper cover.
and load paper.



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