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Cutting The Roll Paper - Epson SC-F6300 Operator's Manual

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SC-F6300 Series
Operator's Guide
Lower the roll paper lock lever, and then press
the Z button.
If the leading edge of the paper is not
horizontal or not cut neatly, you can cut the
edge of the roll paper with the built-in cutter by
pressing the Z button, and then pressing
the ) button within five seconds.
Close the roll paper cover.
Check the paper type.
The previous settings for the paper type and
amount remaining are displayed.
To print using the current settings, press the d/
u buttons to highlight Keep Settings Above,
and then press the Z button.
Failure to set the appropriate paper type could
cause problems with print quality. See the
following for details on paper type and amount
remaining settings.
"Settings for Loaded Paper" on page 12

Cutting the roll paper

Either of the following two methods can be used to
cut roll paper after printing.
❏ Auto Cut:
Cut the roll paper after printing each page
automatically using the built-in cutter.
Basic Operations
❏ Manual cut:
Press the ) button to cut the paper using the
built-in cutter. A cutline is printed for manual
cutting and can be used as a guide when cutting
paper using the built-in cutter.
❏ It may take a while to cut the roll paper.
❏ Some of the roll paper may not be cut using the
built-in cutter. Use a cutter sold at a store to cut
the paper.
Follow the steps below when using a third-party
Press the ) button. Keep the d button pressed
to feed the paper so that the cut location is below
the paper eject guide. Cut the paper using scissors
or a third-party cutter.
Setting methods
Use the l/r buttons in the control panel to select
the / tab and press the Z or Menu button. When
the Setup menu is displayed, select Printer Setup >
Roll Paper Setup > Auto Cut > ON, and then press
the Z button. For manual cutting, select OFF. The
default setting is ON.
Manual cut method
If Auto Cut is turned OFF, you can cut at any
position via the following procdure after printing is
Buttons that are used in the following settings



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