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Printing A Check Pattern; Head Cleaning - Epson SC-F6300 Operator's Manual

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SC-F6300 Series
Operator's Guide
You can check the cleaning procedure in a video on
Epson Video Manuals
If ink drops occur
You can check the cleaning procedure in a video on
Epson Video Manuals

Printing a Check Pattern

Buttons that are used in the following settings
Confirm that the printer is ready to print. Press
the " button.
The Maintenance menu will be displayed.
Confirm that Nozzle Check is highlighted and
press the Z button.
A confirmation dialog will be displayed.
Press the Z button to print a check pattern.
Inspect the nozzle pattern.
When paper is loaded in the optional auto
take-up reel unit, the paper is not cut
automatically after printing the check pattern.
If the check pattern is hard to see, you can feed
the paper using the following procedure and
then check.
(1) Press the ) button.
(2) Press the d button to feed the paper until the
check pattern is easily visible.
(3) After checking the check pattern, press the u
button to rewind the paper.
(4) Press the y button to return to the menu.
Example of clean nozzles
There are no gaps in the nozzle check pattern.
Select Exit, and then press the Z button to
close the settings menu.
Example of clogged nozzles
Perform head cleaning if parts of the pattern
are missing.
"Head Cleaning" on page 29
Always remove clogs from the nozzles of all colors
before resuming use. If clogged nozzles (including
clogged nozzles for colors that are not used)
remain when printing after resuming use, the
clogs can no longer be removed.

Head Cleaning

If there are faint or missing areas in the check pattern,
you may be able to unclog the nozzles by cleaning the
print head.
There is no need to clean the head if the print result
does not contain faint areas or other color problems.



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