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Settings For Loaded Paper - Epson SC-F6300 Operator's Manual

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SC-F6300 Series
Operator's Guide
Raise the roll lock lever.
Holding the paper by the roll adapters, move
the roll to the roll rest.
Lift the adapter lock levers to release the roll
paper adapters.
Remove the roll paper adapters.
After rewinding the roll paper carefully, store it
in the original package.
Close the roll paper cover.
Basic Operations

Settings for Loaded Paper

When you have finished loading the paper, follow the
instructions on the control panel to make settings for
the loaded paper.
Set the paper type
This is the most important setting for optimum
print results. Failure to select an appropriate paper
type that matches the loaded paper may cause
problems such as wrinkling or scuffing.
Remaining Setup
The factory default setting is ON. You can change
this to OFF.
Set the paper length
The approximate amount of paper remaining is
determined from the length set here and the
amount of paper used during print jobs. The
amount of paper remaining is displayed in the
information area on the . tab.
This setting screen is not displayed when
Remaining Setup is set to OFF.
Buttons that are used in the following settings
The previous settings for the paper type and
amount remaining are displayed.
Check that the print settings for the loaded
paper use the paper setup number that you
If you have loaded new paper that has not been
setup, select an unassigned number, finish
feeding the paper, and then perform paper setup.



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