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Introduction; Features - Panasonic Attune WX-C3010 Installation Instructions Manual

Digital wireless communication system.
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Panasonic WX-C3010 Center Module is designed for digital wireless communications, which is used with drive-thru
menu board, etc. The system operates on DECT method of 1.9GHz frequencies. The ECHO Canceller of the new
function provides sound quality without talkback echo that accompanies digital processing. WX-C3000 series has the
sound quality of customer's voice, which has been improved since the WX-C1000 series and WX-C2000 series.


1.9 GHz DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)
1.9 GHz DECT is used with center module to prevent the interference from microwave ovens or wireless LAN used with
2.4GHz DECT. Four-channel simultaneous communication in full duplex (TALK & PAGE) using DECT technology
facilitates workflows at drive-thrus, and digital technology enables simultaneous communications. DECT technology
can be used even in the places where wiring is difficult.
Talkback Echo Canceller
The new technology, Digital Acoustic Echo Canceller Processing, reduces talkback echo from the Order Taker or
All-in-One Headset.
DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
The DNR function provides sound quality without noise that accompanies digital processing. (WX-C3010 Center
Module has the sound quality of customer's voice, which has been improved over previous Panasonic drive-thru
Speed Team Mode
This SPEED TEAM operation is used at busy times for line busting. The outside microphone and speaker are disabled
in this mode and range is boosted. Up to four Order Takers or All-in-One Headsets communicate orders from outside
into the stores
When the customer approaches the menu board, the voice message recorded in the Center Module is automatically
output to the outside speaker. The Center Module has two memories, and you can select either message.
Manager Mode
You can set one headset (Order Taker or All-in-One Headset) to the manager mode in the store. Please refer the
operation manual of Order Taker or All-in-One Headset about the setting method. The headset set to the MANAGER
MODE has following priority.
• The manager can interrupt store personnel's TALK or PAGE at any time by monopolizing one channel by priority.
• The Manager can hear audio from POS alone (setting necessary).
Auto Talk Lock
When a customer approaches the menu board, it is automatically possible to make the predetermined personnel's
headset (Order Taker or All-in-One Headset) stay in TALK state. (The Talk Lock Mode is assumed.) In regard to the
method of Auto Talk Lock Mode setup, refer to the operating instructions of the Order Taker (WX-T3020) or the
All-in-One Headset (WX-H3050).
Vehicle Detector BEEP DAY/NIGHT
In the case of Double Drive-Thru configuration, it is possible to select the Vehicle Detector Beep tone to be heard when
a customer approaches the menu board. Day/Night setup can be made by button selection at the front panel of this unit.
When the Day mode is set, the Beep Day/Night indicator of the center module will light in yellow. When the Beep
Day/Night button is pressed, the Night mode is assumed and this indicator will disappear.


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