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Video Settings; Audio Settings - Sony BRAVIA 4-136-111-12(1) Operating Instructions Manual

Sony lcd digital colour tv operating instructions.
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Table of Contents
Screen (for PC input)
Auto Adjustment
Horizontal Shift
Vertical Shift
Screen Format

Video Settings

Colour System

Audio Settings

Audio Out
Headphone Settings
Optical Out
Automatically adjusts the display position, phase, and pitch of the picture when the
TV receives an input signal from the connected PC.
• "Auto Adjustment" may not work well with certain input signals. In such cases,
manually adjust "Phase", "Pitch", "Horizontal Shift", and "Vertical Shift".
Resets all PC screen settings to factory settings.
Adjusts the phase when the screen flickers.
Adjusts the pitch when the picture has unwanted vertical stripes.
Adjusts the horizontal position of the picture.
Adjusts the vertical position of the picture.
Sets "Screen Format" for displaying pictures from your PC.
Displays the picture in its original size.
Full 1
Enlarges the picture to fill the vertical display area, while
maintaining its original proportion.
Full 2
Enlarges the picture to fill the display area.
Sets the colour system ("Auto", "PAL", "SECAM", "NTSC3.58", or
"NTSC4.43") according to the input signal from the input source.
TV Speaker
Turns on and outputs the TV's sound from the TV speakers.
Audio System
Turns off the TV speakers and outputs the TV's sound from
external audio equipment connected to the audio output
sockets/jacks on the TV.
When using an external audio system, volume output from
audio out can be controlled using the TV's remote.
The audio output of the TV is fixed. Use your audio
receiver's volume control to adjust the volume (and other
audio settings) through your audio system.
i Speaker Link
Switches the TV's internal speakers on/off when you connect
headphones to the TV.
i Volume
Adjusts the volume of the headphones when "i Speaker
Link" is set to "Off".
i Dual Sound
Sets the sound from the headphones for a bilingual broadcast.
Sets the audio signal that is output from the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL)
jack of the TV. Set to "Auto", when connecting equipment compatible with Dolby
Digital. Set to "PCM", when connecting equipment not compatible with Dolby


Table of Contents

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