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HP ProCurve J4863A Brochure

Hp procurve j4863a: product brochure.
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the need for speed
The road to fast path
fast path technology
introducing fast path technology
With today's ever increasing use of electronic media, along comes the ever increasing traffic
on your network. Faster PC's, digital color scanners, high speed color laser printers, digital
cameras, PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants), IP telephones, and video conferencing have
opened up a whole new world of electronic communication. No longer is email restricted to
simple, short text messages. Today's electronic mail messages usually include embedded color
graphics, attachments such as color photos, video clips, color presentations, and more! Web
based applications with complex color graphics present intuitive, attention grabbing
applications. The old "shared whiteboard" has been replaced with full color application
sharing. Webinars complete with interactive audio/video are mainstream applications. All
this boils down to the need for speed in you network infrastructure.
Hewlett-Packard has been a leader in providing affordable, high performance networking for
many years. HP invented key elements of 10Base-T and introduced the first 10Base-T products
in February 1990 to enable widespread 10Mbps Ethernet networking over common Category
3 telephone wire. It then followed up with the invention in March 1994 of 100VG, the first
commercially available, robust, affordable, 100Mbps Ethernet technology. With the
development of full-duplex Ethernet switches came industry wide adoption of 100Base-T. HP
quickly became a leader in 10/100Base-T Ethernet switches.
In October 1999, anticipating the need for affordable higher bandwidth connections, HP once
again revolutionized the industry with the introduction of 1000Base-T, the first commercially
available gigabit Ethernet interface capable of using Category 5 copper cable. As a part of
this introduction and as an ease-of-use feature, HP contributed HP Auto-MDIX to the gigabit
standard to automatically sense and connect to either a straight-through cable or cross
connect cable. HP Auto-MDIX has also been implemented in HP's latest 10/100 Ethernet
switches and has been licensed for use with 10/100 links to several other vendors as well.
In October 2000, HP introduced the HP Procurve switch 2300 series and 2500 series of
10/100 switches, the first fixed 10/100 Ethernet switches with the "Switch on a Chip". The
"Switch on a Chip" technology in these switches is the first to integrate all the essential
electronics for switching Ethernet packets (including the traditional backplane) into a single
Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). This family of switches is still the fastest in its
class, providing full wire speed switching on all ports.
In addition to significantly reducing cost, HP's high performance switches greatly ease the
complexity of today's networks by greatly reducing the need for configuring complex software
based congestion control schemes. HP's competitors solve the congestion control issue using
complex prioritization schemes to speed high priority traffic through the network. Since the
HP Procurve 2300 and 2500 series of switches can support full media speed, HP switches take
advantage of a fundamental axiom in congestion control or prioritization. The axiom states
that if congestion does not exist, prioritization has no effect.
hp procurve switch
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    Since the HP Procurve 2300 and 2500 series of switches can support full media speed, HP switches take advantage of a fundamental axiom in congestion control or prioritization. The axiom states that if congestion does not exist, prioritization has no effect.

  • Page 2

    The HP Procurve Switch 4108gl, with Fast Path Technology, has taken the concept of “Switch technology? on a Chip” and applied it to a modular 10/100/1000 mini-chassis form factor. As with the HP Procurve 2300 series and 2500 series switches, these modules use a single ASIC “Switch on a Chip”...

  • Page 3

    24 + 2 (24 10/100 ports and 2 gigabit Ethernet ports) Ethernet switches such as the HP Procurve Switch 2524. devices for this particular workgroup are connected to the same HP Procurve Switch GL 10/100-TX module (J4862A), all traffic within this workgroup is switched locally on the module at wire-speed as shown in Figure 1b.

  • Page 4

    24 + 2’s. You can easily add gigabit connectivity in increments of 3 ports with the HP Procurve Switch GL Transceiver Module, or in increments of 6 ports with the HP Procurve Switch GL 100/100-TX Module.

  • Page 5

    24 ports. media speed of each module makes complex prioritization schemes unnecessary. congestion and its associated problems can be avoided by designing and provisioning the network correctly. hp procurve switch Switch 4108GL S w i J4864A- Transceiver Blade...

  • Page 6

    Figure 2a illustrates the easy control of voice traffic from IP telephones by grouping those phones with the most interaction on the same module. For “off module” conversations, the high performance central switch fabric provides ample bandwidth and is capable of prioritizing voice in the event that congestion occurs.

  • Page 7

    Figure 2b shows the addition of two separate IP telephony workgroups 1 and 2. The solid black line shows that intra-module IP telephony traffic still gets switched independently on the connectivity module. The dashed purple line shows inter-module (workgroup #1 to workgroup #2) IP telephony traffic traverses the high-speed 36.6 Gbps inter-modular central switching fabric.

  • Page 8

    Figure 3a: This shows the addition of video conferencing on a separate HP Procurve Switch GL With the increased use of video conferencing for net meetings, webinars, and multimedia classroom training, multicast traffic control is also a requirement (see Figure 3a above).

  • Page 9

    NAS applications Network Attached Storage or NAS is a solution such as the HP Surestore NAS VA 15, 30 or 45 which includes a file server (or NAS head) and its attached storage, which in turn is connected to the Ethernet LAN. The NAS head processes block-level I/O’s from its attached storage.

  • Page 10

    4108gl Video Conferencing Switch 4108GL J4862A- 24 Port 10/100-TX Blade J4862A- 24 Port 10/100-TX Blade Local Server Workgroup Printer Figure 4a: building on to previous examples, we now add NAS to our 4108gl VA 7100 Storage Arrays...

  • Page 11

    •24 •24 •24 •24 •24 •24 Inter-Module Connections Inter-Module Connections Localized Intra-Module Traffic Flows Localized Intra-Module Traffic Flows Inter-Module Traffic Flows Inter-Module Traffic Flows Figure 4b: logical view of traffic flows for NAS application As show in figure 4b, Fast Path Technology on the 4108gl is ideal for NAS applications. connecting the NAS head to the same module as the application servers as shown in Figure 4a, the 4108gl with Fast Path Technology provides media speed connections for NAS file transfers to and from the servers without crossing the central switching fabric!

  • Page 12

    4108gl Dual Homed Application Video Conferencing Switch 4108GL J4862A- 24 Port 10/100-TX Blade J4862A- 24 Port 10/100-TX Blade Local Server Workgroup Printer Figure 4c: high availability NAS example VA 7100 Storage Arrays Servers SilkWorm 2400 Fibre Channel...

  • Page 13

    This has created a demand for affordable, high performance, high-density gigabit Ethernet switches. The HP Procurve Switch 4108gl can provide a solution for this where simple, fast, Layer 2 gigabit aggregation is desired. The HP Procurve Switch GL 100/1000 Module (J4863A) and HP Procurve Switch GL Transceiver Module (J4864A) for the 4108gl provide intra-module wire speed gigabit switching.

  • Page 14

    Switch 4108GL J4863A - Gigabit Copper Blade Local Gigabit uplinks Servers P r o C u r v e S w i t c h 2 4 2 4 M H P J 4 0 9 3 A...

  • Page 15

    Figure 5b depicts the traffic flows for the example showing the 4108gl acting as a gigabit aggregator switch. All traffic localized to the gigabit modules gets switched at wire speed on the module and never has to traverse the central switch fabric. For inter-module traffic, the 36.6 Gbps multi-path central switching fabric provides adequate throughput for most...

  • Page 16

    In summary, the previous examples show the flexibility, power, and application of the HP Procurve Switch 4108gl with Fast Path Technology. performance, high density wiring closet switch, Figure 5C shows how the 4108gl can serve many other applications including IP telephony, video conferencing, NAS applications, gigabit aggregation, and even function as a “network in a box”!

  • Page 17

    For more information, please visit our web site at: All brand names are trademarks of their respective owners. Technical information in this document is subject to change without notice. Copyright Hewlett-Packard Company 2001 10/2001 Page 17 of 17...

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