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Sony DVP-FX705 Operating Instructions Manual Page 8

Portable cd/dvd player.
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Precautions (continued)
On handling the LCD screen
• The LCD is manufactured using high-precision technolo-
gy. You may, however, see tiny black points and/or bright
points (red, blue, green) that continuously appear on the
LCD. This is a normal result of the manufacturing process
and does not indicate a malfunction.
• Do not scratch the LCD or exert pressure on it. This could
cause a malfunction.
• Using the player in low temperature conditions may pro-
duce a residual image on the screen. This is not a mal-
function. When the player returns to normal temperature,
the screen returns to normal.
• A residual image may appear on the screen if the same
image is displayed for a lengthy period of time. The resid-
ual image disappears in a while.
If you are going to leave the player for a long time, turn
off the power.
• The screen becomes warm during operation.
This is normal and does not indicate a malfunction.
On headphones
Preventing hearing damage
Avoid using headphones at high volume. Hearing experts
advise against continuous, loud, and extended play. If you
experience a ringing in your ears, reduce the volume or
discontinue use.
Showing consideration for others
Keep the volume at a moderate level. This will allow you to
hear outside sounds and still be considerate to the people
around you.
On adjusting the volume
Do not turn up the volume while listening to a section with
very low level inputs or no audio signal. If you do, the
speakers may be damaged when a peak-level section is
Road safety
Do not use the monitor unit and headphones while driving,
cycling, or operating any motorized vehicle. It may create a
traffic hazard and is illegal in some areas. It can also be
potentially dangerous to play your headsets at high volume
while walking, especially at pedestrian crossings. You
should exercise extreme caution or discontinue use in
potentially hazardous situations.
• Do not install the monitor display where viewable by the
• Some states restrict the use of monitors and televisions in
vehicles. Where use is permitted, the units should not be
installed or operated so as to be viewable by the driver.


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