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Operation - Polaris RZR XP TURBO S 2019 Owner's Manual For Maintenance And Safety

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Failure to operate the vehicle properly can result in a collision, loss of control,
accident or rollover, which may result in serious injury or death. Read and
understand all safety warnings outlined in the safety section of this owner's
The break-in period for your new POLARIS vehicle is the first 25 hours of
operation, or the time it takes to use the first two tanks full of gasoline. Clutch
and drive belt break-in periods vary depending on operating conditions.
No single action on your part is as important as a proper break-in period. Careful
treatment of a new engine and drive components will result in more efficient
performance and longer life for these components. Perform the following
procedures carefully.
Excessive heat build-up during the first three hours of operation will damage
close-fitted engine parts and drive components. Do not operate at full throttle
or high speeds during the first three hours of use.
Use of any improper oils may cause serious engine damage. POLARIS
Premium 4 Synthetic Oil is specifically formulated for your 4-cycle engine

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