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Winch Guide - Polaris RZR XP TURBO S 2019 Owner's Manual For Maintenance And Safety

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These safety warnings and instructions apply if your vehicle came equipped with
a winch or if you choose to add an accessory winch to your vehicle.
Improper winch use can result in SEVERE INJURY or DEATH. Always follow
all winch instructions and warnings in this manual.
Your winch may have a cable made of either wire rope or specially designed
synthetic rope. The term "winch cable" will be used for either unless noted
1. Read all sections of this manual.
2. Never use alcohol or drugs before or while operating the winch.
3. Never allow children under 16 years of age to operate the winch.
4. Always wear eye protection and heavy gloves when operating the winch.
5. Always keep body, hair, clothing and jewelry clear of the winch cable, fairlead
and hook when operating winch.
6. Never attempt to "jerk" a load attached to the winch with a moving vehicle.
See the Shock Loading section on page 109.
7. Always keep the area around the vehicle, winch, winch cable, and load clear
of people (especially children) and distractions while operating the winch.
8. Always turn the vehicle ignition power OFF when it and the winch are not
being used.
9. Always be sure that at least five (5) full turns of winch cable are wrapped
around the winch drum at all times. The friction provided by this wrapped
cable allows the drum to pull on the winch cable and move the load.
10. Always apply your vehicle's park brake and/or park mechanism to hold the
vehicle in place during winching. Use wheel chocks if needed.
11. Always align the vehicle and winch with the load directly in front of the
vehicle as much as possible. Avoid winching with the winch cable at an angle
to the winching vehicle's centerline whenever possible.
12. If winching at an angle is unavoidable, follow these precautions:
a. Look at the winch drum occasionally. Never let the winch cable "stack" or
accumulate at one end of the winch drum. Too much winch cable at one
end of the winch drum can damage the winch and the winch cable.

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