Instructions For The Installer; Positioning Of The Hob - LG HB9522A Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Built-in gas cooktops
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Instructions for the installer

2. Positioning of the hob

This appliance shall be installed only by authorized persons in
accordance with AS5601 - Gas Installations, any statutory regulations,
local gas regulations, municipal building codes, electrical wiring
regulations, and the manufacturer's installation instructions.
Clearance around the appliance must comply with the requirements of
The following operation requires building and/or carpentry work so
must be carried out by a competent tradesman. Installation can be
carried out on various materials such as masonry, metal, solid wood or
plastic laminated wood as long as they are heat resistant (T 90°C).
2.1 Attachment to support structure
Create an opening with the dimensions shown in the figure in the top
surface of the counter, keeping a minimum distance of 50 mm from the
rear border.
This appliance is classified as "type Y" in relation to fire hazards and
can therefore be mounted against walls higher than the work surface on
condition that a certain distance "X" be kept between the appliance and
the wall as shown in the figure so as to avoid damage from overheating.
Make sure there is a minimum of 750 mm between the hot plate flames
and any shelf that may be installed directly above them.
Carefully position the insulating seal supplied on the outer perimeter of
the hole made in the counter top as shown in figure 4 (the dimensions
in the figure refer from the hole to the inside of the seal), trying to
ensure that it sticks across the whole of its surface by applying light
pressure with your hands. Fix the hob to the unit using the appropriate



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