Adaptation To Different Types Of Gas - LG HB9522A Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Built-in gas cooktops
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Instructions for the installer

5. Adaptation to different types of gas

Before performing any cleaning or maintenance work,
disconnect the appliance from the electrical socket.
The hob has been adjusted for natural gas at a pressure of
1.0 kPa. For functioning with other types of gas the nozzles must be
replaced and the primary air adjusted.
To replace the nozzles and regulate the burners, you have to
remove the top as described in the following paragraph.
5.1 Removing the separable control panel (models with separable control panel)
1. Remove the knobs Pull-up the control panel on the upper left corner.
2. Raise the left-hand side of the control panel slightly and shift it to
the right to remove it completely;
3. In models with electric hotplate, the body of the pilot light has to
be removed to free the control panel;
5.2 Removing the hob (models with integrated control panel)
1. Remove the knobs, the griddles, the burner caps, the flame caps
and the two rear plugs;
2. Remove the screws "A" which fix the burner supports;
3. Raise the hob, sliding it off the ignition plugs and/or the thermocouples
and the gas tap rods;



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