Final Operations - LG HB9522A Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Built-in gas cooktops
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Instructions for the installer

6. Final operations

Having carried out the above adjustments, reassemble the
appliance following, backwards, the instructions in paragraph
"5.1 Removing the separable control panel / 5.2 Removing the
6.1 Regulation of minimum for natural gas
Reposition the components on the burner and
slide the knobs onto the cock stems.
Light the burner and set it on the minimum
position. Take the knob off again and turn the
regulating screw on the side of the cock stem
until a steady minimum flame is achieved.
Refit the knob and verify the burner flame is
stable (turning the knob rapidly from the
maximum to the minimum position the flame
must not go out).
6.2 Regulation of minimum for ULPG
To regulate the minimum for ULPG, completely tighten (clockwise)
the screw inside or next to the gas tap pin (depending on the model).
The diameters of the by-passes for each burner are given in table
"5.3 Regulation for ULPG".
After having regulated the device with gas other than the one
tested, replace the label located on the guard with the one that
corresponds to the new gas. The label is inside the bag that
contains the nozzles provided.



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