Instructions For The User; Using The Hob - LG HB9522A Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Built-in gas cooktops
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Instructions for the user

7. Using the hob

Before turning on the burners, make sure that the burner rings,
caps and grids have been fitted correctly.
In the wok burner, notch A must be aligned with pin B.
Grid C provided is intended for use with woks (Chinese pans).
Adapter D comes only with open grids models and is intended
for use with small sized vessels.
7.1 Ignition of the burners
The device is fit with electronic ignition. Simply press and simultaneously
turn the knob counter-clockwise on the low point flame symbol, until the
burner is ignited. In models with safety valve, the knob has to be turned
to the ignition symbol
has to be kept pressed for about 2 seconds to keep the flame lit and to
activate the safety device.
The burner might go off when the knob is released. In this case repeat the
aforesaid operation keeping the knob pressed for more than 2 seconds.
Should the burners go off accidentally in the models with valves,
a safety device will trip after approximately 20 seconds to block
the gas outlet even if the cock is open.
7.2 Practical advice for using the burners
For better use of the burners and lower gas consumption, use
covered containers that are proportional in size to the burner to
prevent the flame from licking the sides (see paragraph "7.3
Diameter of containers"). When water reaches the boiling point,
lower the flame so that it doesn't overflow. To avoid burns or
damage to the hob, all recipients or griddle plates must be
placed within the perimeter of the hob, at a distance of 3-4 cm
from the knobs. All containers have to have a flat and smooth
bottom. When using fats or oils, be extremely careful that they don't
overheat and catch fire. If the flame accidentally goes out, turn off the
control knob and wait at least 1 minute before trying to re-light the burner.
before it is pressed, and after ignition the knob



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