Cleaning And Maintenance - LG HB9522A Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Built-in gas cooktops
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8. Cleaning and maintenance

Never use a steam jet to clean the appliance.
Before any intervention, disconnect the power supply of the device.
8.1 Cleaning
Clean the cooking top regularly every time you use it, obviously
after it has cooled.
8.1.1 Regular daily cleaning of the hob
In order to clean and preserve the surface, always use specific
products only, which do not contain abrasive substances or
chlorine-based acid substances.
How to use: pour the product on a damp cloth and wipe the
surface, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth or deerskin.
8.1.2 Food stains or residues
Do not use metallic sponges or sharp scrapers: they will
damage the surface.
Use normal non-abrasive products and remove spots or
residuals with non-scratch sponges or, if need be, with
wood or plastic utensils.
Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth or deerskin.
8.2 Cleaning of cooking hob components
CAUTION: do not wash these components in a dishwasher.
In normal use of the hob, the stainless steel burner caps and
pan-stands tend to be burnished by the high temperature.
Clean these parts using very fine abrasive sponges or similar
commercial products. Then use a specific paste polish to
restore the steel's shine. Your local authorised after-sales
technician is able to supply professional products for appliance
cleaning and care.



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