Gas Connection - LG HB9522A Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Built-in gas cooktops
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Instructions for the installer

4. Gas connection

Use pipe-joint compound made for use with Natural U.L.P. gas.
The burner it controls is shown next to each knob (the
example corresponds to the front left burner).
This appliance is suitable for installation with Natural Gas
or ULPG (propane). Refer to page 12 for the relevant
burner pressure and appropriate injector sizes. When the
appliance is to be connected to Natural Gas then the
pressure regulator supplied must be fitted to the gas inlet.
A test point (for checking the gas pressure) is supplied
either with the regulator or as a separate fitting in the case
of ULPG (propane) appliances.
Connection of the appliance to the gas supply must be in accordance
with the requirements of AS5601. A
" BSP connector at the inlet is
recommended and the gas supply line to the appliance must be of
adequate length to allow sufficient withdrawal of appliance for service
or disconnection and be:
1. annealed copper pipe or;
2. flexible hose according to AS/NZ1869 & be at least Class "B",
10 mm diameter.
The appliance must be installed with provision to allow the gas to be
turned off and disconnected for servicing and removal of the appliance
as required from the gas supply.
Before the appliance is operated make certain all relevant parts are
placed in the correct position.
When the installation is completed the installation connections of
appliance will require to be leak tested, the burner operating pressure
and flame checked and adjusted.
Warranty service calls do not cover these adjustments!
To check the operating pressure of the appliance it is recommended at
least 2 large size burners are used. Ensure appliance is secured to wall
when installation is completed.
N.G. The regulator supplied must be fitted to the
BSP thread at the
rear of the appliance. An approved manual shut-off valve must be



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