Electrical Connection - LG HB9522A Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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3. Electrical connection

Make sure that the voltage and capacity of the power line conform
to the data shown on the plate located under the casing. Do not
remove this plate for any reason.
The plug on the end of the supply cable and the wall socket must
be the same type and conform to the current electrical system
Check that the power line is adequately grounded.
On the power line, install an omnipolar cut-off device with contact
cut-off distance greater than or equal to 3 mm, located in an easily
accessible position near the unit.
Do not use reducers, adapters or shunts.
If the power cable is replaced, the wire section on the new cable
must not be less than 1 mm
the end to be connected to the hob must have the ground wire
(yellow-green) longer by at least 20 mm. Use only H05V2V2-F
cable or similar which has a maximum temperature of 90°C.
Any replacement needed should be carried out by a specialised
technician who should make the mains connections according
to the following diagram.
L = brown
N = blue
= yellow-green
The manufacturer will not be liable for any damage to persons
or property caused by non-observance of the above instructions
or deriving from the tampering of even a single part of the hob.
(3 x 1 cable), keeping in mind that



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