Introduction; Instructions For Safe And Proper Use - LG HB9522A Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Built-in gas cooktops
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1. Instructions for safe and proper use

This manual is an integral part of the appliance and therefore must
be kept in its entirety and in an accessible place for the whole
working life of the cooking Hob. We advise reading this manual and
all the instructions therein before using the cooking Hob. Also keep
the series of nozzles supplied. Installation must be carried out by
qualified personnel in accordance with the regulations in force. This
appliance is intended for domestic uses and conforms to current
regulations in force. The appliance has been built to carry out the
following functions: Cooking and heating-up of food. All other
uses are considered improper.
The manufacturer declines all responsibility for improper use.
Do not leave the packing in the home environment. Separate the
various waste materials and take them to the nearest special
garbage collection centre.
It is obligatory for the electrical system to be grounded according to
the methods required by safety rules.
The plug to be connected to the power cable and the socket must
be the same type and must conform to current regulations.
Never unplug by pulling on the cable.
Immediately after installation carry out a brief inspection test of
the cooking Hob, following the instructions below. Should the
appliance not function, disconnect it from the supply and call the
nearest technical assistance centre.
Never attempt to repair the appliance.
Always check that the control knobs are in the position
"ZERO"(OFF) when you finish using the hob.



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