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Maintenance - Bosch T5600S 12 D 23 Training And Service Information

Low nox instantaneous gas water heater / room sealed pressurized gas water heater for indoor installation
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Purge mode
To start fan in order to proceed to the purge function
Table 21 – P9 Purge

7. Maintenance

To ensure continued efficient operation of the appliance, it is recommended that it is
checked and serviced as necessary at regular intervals. The frequency of servicing will
depend on the particular installation conditions and use profile, but in general, once a year
should be adequate.
Any intervention / service work in the appliance must be carried out by a competent person
such as registered and competent technician or brand service agent.
Before any service operation, turn off the gas supply at the main gas service cock
upstream and service operation to be carried out as described in the manual.
The service partners have all necessary accessories and tools for the interventions.
L641 – O'rings in contact with water
HFt1 v5 – Gaskets in contact with gas
Pict.35 – Recommended lubricants for connections
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