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Gas Manifold - Bosch T5600S 12 D 23 Training And Service Information

Low nox instantaneous gas water heater / room sealed pressurized gas water heater for indoor installation
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4.3 Gas manifold

The gas manifold is a gas distribution pipe with 2 types of injectors as in this burner there
are two distinct primary flames with different air/fuel ratios and during whole burning
process flue temperature is kept low reducing the emission of NOX assured by lean
combustion and the mandatory flame stability ensured by rich flame
This manifold is part of the gas conversion kit and injectors are not to be replaced individually,
so the kit will always supply the complete manifold. The stamp indicates the size of injectors
used for reference.
The Burner design allows to have on the same burner surface:
One primary rich flame (oxygen enriched combustion for stabilization) which
corresponds to the injectors with smaller diameter in top of manifold
One primary lean flame (lack of oxygen for low NOx emissions) which corresponds to
the injectors with bigger diameter in the bottom of manifold.
The manifold cover allows the gas supply to the burner over 2 different segments, in order
to assure a wide modulation, range according to the capacity of the appliance,
nevertheless in the MPP models, the segmentation is automatically selected according
power demand.
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Pict. 13 – Gas manifold injectors
Pict.14 – Burner design and working principle
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