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Ignition Electrode - Bosch T5600S 12 D 23 Training And Service Information

Low nox instantaneous gas water heater / room sealed pressurized gas water heater for indoor installation
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In case Q > 2.8 l/min following P
- If P
> Minimum Power, the appliance will run with the calculated minimum water
flow, in order to reach the set point with a temperature stability of + / - 1ºC;

Ignition electrode

Spark generation is started immediately before opening the gas valve, and stopped when
ionization is sensed.
Pict.26 – Ignition electrode (left MPP 12 l / right MPP 15/17 l)
In order to prevent harder ignition processes and be sure of conditions of gas supply and
burner stability, following situation is verified during the so called safety time period.
In each of the attempts, the system monitors the ionisation signal; this signal drives the
start of normal operation, however and, in case the ionization signal is not detected during
the ignition sequence, the failure indication EA will be displayed. In this case a non-volatile
lock-out is activated, and only a manual reset can lead the system back to normal
operation. If the ionisation signal is interrupted during normal operation, this ignition
sequence is re-started.
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Pict.25 –Water Flow Sensor
verification occurs:
6 720 887 547 "SM FP_ErP MPP Europe 2018/08 en"

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