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Heat Cell With Burner Pipes - Bosch T5600S 12 D 23 Training And Service Information

Low nox instantaneous gas water heater / room sealed pressurized gas water heater for indoor installation
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4.2 Heat cell with burner pipes

The heat cell includes the copper heat exchanger and the burner with flame visualization
window, ignition electrode and ionization electrode and the gas manifold for the burner.
Pict.11 – Burner and gas valve view
Primary air plate
In the burner there is a primary air plate assembled between the gas manifold with
injectors and the burner itself in order to ensure the correct mixture of air and gas
according to the specific appliance model.
The plate has indexation pins that ensure the correct assembly on the heat cell and must
be always replaced together with the injectors in gas conversion.
Pict. 12 – Primary air plate
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