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Troubleshooting - LG 32MB25VQ Owner's Manual

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Check the following before calling for service.
nothing is displayed on the screen.
Is the monitor's power cord
plugged in?
Is the power indicator on?
Is the power on and the power
indicator displaying red?
Is the power indicator blinking?
Is the oUT of RanGe mes-
sage being displayed?
Is the no signal message be-
ing displayed?
The screen retains an image.
Does image sticking occur even
when the monitor is turned off?
Vertical frequency: In order to display an image, the screen must be refreshed dozens of times per
second like a fluorescent lamp.
The number of times the screen is refreshed per second is called vertical frequency or refresh rate
and is represented by Hz.
Horizontal frequency: The time it takes to display one horizontal line is called the horizontal cycle.
The number of horizontal lines displayed in one second can be calculated by dividing one by the hori-
zontal cycle. This is called horizontal frequency and is represented by kHz.
y Check if the power cord is correctly plugged into the power outlet.
y Check the power cable connection and press the power button.
y Check that the connected input is enabled (Menu - Input).
y If the monitor is in power-saving mode, move the mouse, or press any
key on the keyboard, to switch the display on.
y Check if the computer is turned on.
y This occurs when signals transferred from the PC (video card) are out
of the horizontal or vertical frequency range of the monitor. Please see
the Product Specification section of this manual to set the appropriate
y This is displayed when the signal cable between the PC and the
monitor is missing or disconnected. Check the cable and reconnect it.
y Displaying a still image for a prolonged time may cause damage to the
screen, resulting in the retention of the image.
y To extend the lifetime of the monitor, use a screensaver.



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