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  • Page 1

    V3.2 MONITOR SIGNAGE MODELS • Openframe • Media Player • Transparent • Video Wall • Other Models • Accessories...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    3-5. Reference guide to the ventilation hole of enclosure 3-6. Reference guide to lighting set up 3-7. Reference to storage place(AD Board & Media Player) 3-8. Dimension of screw holes(26TS30MF/47TS30MF) 3-9. Recommendation: Lighting should be 600 LUX or more 3-10. Recommendation of operation Time VIDEO WALL 4-1.

  • Page 3

    CONTENTS 4-10. Guide for installing the signage to reduce gap 4-11. White Balance Calibration Instruction 4-12. How to prevent the panel falling out 5 84WS70(84 inch UD Signage) 5-1. Keep temperature 0°C ~ 40°C(Mandatory) 5-2. The Handles are removable 5-3. Do not use a screw that is longer than 19.8mm (Mandatory) 5-4.

  • Page 4

    CONTENTS Accessories 7-1. How to connect the Stand 7-2. How to clean Touch Overlay 7-3. How to connect the OPS with KT-OPSA...

  • Page 5: Openframe Signage

    OPENFRAME SIGNAGE 1-1. Keep temperature (Mandatory)  When designing the enclosure, the temperature inside the enclosure must be maintained as optimal temperature The Measurement method for checking the operating temperature inside the enclosure Enclosure Openframe Signage (eg. 47WX50MF) Thermal sensor Example 1.

  • Page 6: Consider Using A Cooling & Heater Solution(mandatory)

    1-2. Consider using a cooling & heater solution (Mandatory)  To maintain the temperature inside the enclosure, you should consider using a cooling and heater solution such as an air conditioner, heat exchanger, or combined cooler and heater depending on the external environment. (Please see below examples) ...

  • Page 7: Do Not Disassemble Handle, Fan Or Side Bracket(mandatory)

    1-3. Do not disassemble Handle, Fan or Side bracket (Mandatory)  Do not disassemble the parts such as Handle, Fan or Side bracket for preventing of product safety & function problem 47WX50MF Handle *47WX50MF Side bracket 72WX70MF (No Handle, Side bracket) [ Rear side ]...

  • Page 8: Check Screw Hole Depth To Avoid Lcd Panel Damage(mandatory)

    1-4. Check Screw hole depth to avoid LCD panel damage(Mandatory)  47WX50MF 47WX50MF Side Hole  You must use the side screw holes when mounting the panel  The Side screw holes are M4.0 Tap , Torque, pitch 0.7mm ...

  • Page 9

     72WX70MF Side screw hole of panel 72WX70MF 47WX50MF  You must use the side screw holes when mounting the panel  The Side screw holes are M6.0 Tap , T orque 4~5Kgf (Top and bottom sides: 5 holes for each, left and right sides: 3holes for each) ...

  • Page 10: Please Install Cooling System When Exposed To Direct Sun Light(mandatory)

    1-5. Please install a cooling system when exposed to direct sun light (Mandatory) • For Example-Using a canopy may prevent the enclosure temperature increasing due to direct sunlight. Example NOTE • To prevent sunlight, consider to attach a UV film on the glass...

  • Page 11: Use The Side Bracket To Mount Into An Enclosure

    1-6. Use the side bracket to mount into an enclosure • You should use the side bracket to mount the signage display into an enclosure. 47WX50MF Side Bracket 1-7. Refer to brightness of according to ambient luminance • This is measurement of 47WX50MF’s Auto Brightness Control function Auto Brightness Control Curve(47WX50MF) Ambient Luminance Brightness...

  • Page 12: How To Measure Fan Noise When It Is Installed Indoors

    1-8. How to measure fan noise when it is installed indoors  72WX70MF • Avoid installing the product in indoor environment. It can cause noise issue • If you are possible to measure the noise level of this product in indoor environment, please do it using the below picture as guidance •...

  • Page 13

    1-9. Be careful not to damage the cable when installing within an enclosure  72WX70MF • When designing the enclosure, please ensure that there is enough space in order to prevent the Expansion PCB cable being damaged and ensure that it is installed carefully Enclosure Expansion PCB (Accessory)

  • Page 14: Media Player

    MEDIA PLAYER 2-1. Install Dust filter & keep temperature 0°C ~ 40°C (Mandatory) • Embedded Mount Condition • Application model : NC1000, NA1000, NA1100, MP500, PC100 • Minimum distance between media player and structure : 100mm distance to X, Y ,Z axis direction •...

  • Page 15: Minimum Distance Between Media Player And Structure(100mm)

    2-2. Minimum distance between media player and structure (100mm) • Monitor Back Cover Mount Condition • Application model : NC1000, NA1000, NA1100, MP500, PC100 • Minimum distance between player & structure : 100mm distance to X, Y ,Z axis direction •...

  • Page 16: Transparent Signage

    TRANSPARENT SIGNAGE 3-1. Preparation for Installation • Preparation for Installation • Please refer to the “LVDS Pin Map Guide” in the manual. (26TS30MF/47TS30MF) • Need to purchase separately the below items Preparation Items...

  • Page 17: Portrait Mode: Rotate The Set Clockwise 90°(mandatory)

    • To install in portrait mode, rotate the set clockwise 90 degrees when looking at the front. (The AD board should support portrait mode) Landscape Portrait CAUTION • The 26TS30MF model don’t support the portrait mode because of module characteristic 3-3. Attach the product by using the screw holes (Mandatory) • Transparent Signage enclosure construction.

  • Page 18: How To Connect Cable Assembly

    3-4. How to connect the cable assembly Cable assembly...

  • Page 19: Reference Guide To Lighting Set Up

    3-5. Reference guide to the ventilation holes if in an enclosure • Transparent Signage enclosure construction Front view Back view Side view Opening the door view 3-6. Reference guide to lighting set up • Transparent Signage enclosure construction Working display with enclosure Side type lighting Ceiling type lighting...

  • Page 20: Reference To Storage Place(ad Board & Media Player)

    3-7. Reference to the storage place (AD Board, Media Player) • Example of the storage place which is located under enclosure ▪ Storage space for equipment...

  • Page 21: Dimension Of Screw Holes(26ts30mf/47ts30mf)

    16ea(26”),20ea(47”) prepared screw holes on the rear side of the product.  Caution : The length of screw can vary according to the thickness of the enclosure guide frame. So please ensure that you check this. [Screw hole of backside for 26TS30MF] [Screw hole of backside for 47TS30MF]...

  • Page 22: Recommendation: Lighting Should Be 600 Lux Or More

    3-10. Recommendation of Operation Time Model Name Panel Type Static Display Dynamic Display 47TS30MF PD Panel Max. 18 hours / day 24 hours / day 26TS30MF TV Panel Max. 2 hours / day Max. 8 hours / day...

  • Page 23: Video Wall

    Video wall Precaution 4-1. Precautions when moving and handling  Please adhere to the warning signs printed on the box. Don’t tumble the Set box sideward down. Model: 47WV30MS 47WV30BR 47WV30BS 47WV30-BAAM 47WV30-BAAL 47WV50BR 47WV50MS 47LV35A 55WV70BS 55WV70MS 55WV70MD Don’t lie on or lean on the Set box. 55LV35A 55LV77A 55LV75A...

  • Page 24

    Precaution when Handling  It is advised to move the set as a team of at least 2 persons.  When you move the actual set, please use one hand on grabbing the handle and the other support under the set. CAUTION ...

  • Page 25

    Causes & Phenomena of the Line Defect [ External damage] [ Line defect picture ] The line defect could occur on your set if you strike on the edge of the set. LOG (LINE ON GLASS) DEFECT If there has been a shock on Module Left/Top Corner, then you might see at the Left/Top LOG Crack or Horizontal Line Defect COF (CHIP ON FILM) DEFECT Shock on Module Top Side ...

  • Page 26

    Do not Drop / Collide & Install with enough airflow  Be careful not to drop / collide the sets with the floor or with each other.  Ensure that you Install in a space with enough airflow Panel Panel...

  • Page 27: Installing The Product

    4-2. Installing the Product Cut Packing Strap of the Box. Cut Tape on the Box. Open the Box and remove the top packing. Remove the Upper Box. Open the Poly Bag. Undress the Poly Bag.

  • Page 28

    Lift up the Set using the SIDE/BACK Handle. Remove Bottom packing when lifting up the Set. With one hand under the set and the other hand grabbing the set, move the set. Lay the back of the Set down on the table.

  • Page 29

    Use the cushion or Pad when you lay the face of the Set downward. Connect IR receiver to use remocon. And then, connect power code.

  • Page 30

    Remove L-brackets before Installation  Remove the L-brackets from each corner of the monitor before installing it. NOTE  Keep the removed L-brackets and use them when moving the monitor later. CAUTION When you connect Monitor sets for multivision, you may find that the screen color is not the same across all the Monitor sets.

  • Page 31: Tiling Displays (how To Join Sets)

    [ For 47WV30 ]  The wall mount plate is shaded in gray in the illustration to help you see it. NOTE  LG recommend that the Tiling Display is used for Video Wall product...

  • Page 32

    4-3. Tiling Displays : How to Join Sets - Installing Set 2 Join Set 2 to Set 1 using the guide brackets on the top side of Set 1 and mount the two sets to the wall mount plate or the wall. ...

  • Page 33

    How to remove the guide brackets  Unscrew the guide bracket screws from the rear of the set and remove the guide brackets.  Once the screws are removed, the guide brackets will drop. You need to remove them through the gap on the sides of the set. ...

  • Page 34

    4-3. Tiling Displays : How to Join Sets - Installing Set 3  Fix the guide brackets to Set 3 following the steps above, and loosely mount the set to the wall mount plate or the wall. Minimize the space between the sides of the sets using the U-shaped fixture. When the sets are firmly mounted to the wall, remove the U-shaped fixtures.

  • Page 35

    4-3. Tiling Displays : How to Join Sets - Installing Set 4  Loosely mount Set 4 to the wall mount plate or the wall and minimize the space between the sets using the U-shaped fixtures.  When Set 4 is firmly mounted to the wall, remove the U-shaped fixtures. ...

  • Page 36: How To Daisy Chain Monitors

    4-4. How to Daisy Chain Monitors  RGB Cable 15-pin D-Sub Signal Cable (Max 3m)  DVI Cable DVI Cable (Max 3m) NOTE  "Input signal may be degraded or lost when multiple monitors are connected. For DVI, in general, up to 12 monitors can be connected via the DVI Out port (at the recommended resolution) if the signal is stable and there is no cable loss.

  • Page 37

     DP Cable In case of 55LV77A, 55LV75A DP Cable NOTE  If the signal is stable and there is no cable loss, in general, up to 25 Monitors can be connected via the DP Out port (at the recommended resolution). If you want to connect more than this number of monitor, it is recommended to us a distributor.

  • Page 38: Function Setting(multivision Configuration)

    4-5. Function Setting (Multivision Configuration) 1/2 1. IR Receiver connection. 2. Connecting the Power code Remote control IN port IR Receiver 3. Set ID setup for each set. (example) 2x2 Set Assign the “Set ID” to each Set as below: Set ID:1 Set ID:2 Set ID:3...

  • Page 39

    4-5. Function Setting (Multivision Configuration) 2/2 6. Connect the Monitor sets, in series, using an RS-232C cable. 7. Installation Menu setup. Refer to.. “ Setting the Installation Menu” 8. Tile Mode setup. Refer to.. “ Setting the “Setting the Tile Mode”...

  • Page 40: Setting The Installation Menu

    4-6. Setting the Installation Menu (1/2) If you press the MENU button on the remote control for more than five seconds, the main menu appears and then disappears. The input data is also displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Press the "0"...

  • Page 41

    4-6. Setting the Installation Menu (2/2) Menu Description Signage Mode Decide to work all functions of 'Signage Mode Operation' or not. Operation Turns off the monitor if there is no input for more than 15 minutes. 15Min Force Off "No" is the recommended default value setting. Turns off the monitor if there is no input on the remote control for more 4 hours off than four hours."No"...

  • Page 42

    Menu Description Set ‘LG IR Operation’ to On(Work) or Off(Do Not Work) to enable or disable LG IR Operation the remote control. Local Key Decide to operate ‘Local Key’ or not by setting ‘Local Key Operation’ as Operation On(Work) or Off(Do Not Work).

  • Page 43: Setting The Tile Mode

    4-7. Setting the Tile Mode  In Tile Mode you can view an image in a larger scale by connecting multiple monitors.  Tile Mode Off: An input image is not enlarged, and the same image is shown on all connected monitors.

  • Page 44: Setting The Picture Id

    4-8. Setting the Picture ID (1/2)  Picture ID is used to change the settings of a specific set (display) using a single IR receiver for multi-vision. The set receiving the IR signal communicates with another set via the RS232 connector. Each set is identified by a Set ID. If you assign the Picture ID using the remote control, only displays with the same Picture ID and Set ID can be controlled remotely.

  • Page 45

    4-8. Setting the Picture ID (2/2) 1. Press the ID On (Red) button 2 If you press the left/right buttons or press on the remote control. the ON button repeatedly, the Picture ID cycles through OFF and 1 to 4.Assign the ID you want.

  • Page 46: The Heat Distribution Of 47wv30

    4-9. The Heat Distribution of 47WV30  Refer to below fig 1&2, showing heat distribution of 47WV30’s video wall installed (2x2)  Heated air flows upward  The adjacent area temperature is higher by 4 C more than the non adjacent area ...

  • Page 47: Guide For Installing The Signage To Reduce Gap

    4-10. Guide for installing the signage to reduce gap  To reduce gap, use the product weight itself & force it to the center A. Installation Steps → Product → Product → Product Product B. Installation Guide 1. Align product to product by utilizing the weight of the product 2.

  • Page 48: White Balance Calibration Instruction

    4-11. White Balance Calibration Instruction A. Preparation for calibration A-1. Version Matching of Video Wall Monitor F/W and SuperSign C for Working Compatibility Models 55LV77A-7BL, 55LV77A-5BL, 55LV75A-7BL, 55LV75A-5BL 47/55LV35A all 3.00.10 or later 3.00.01 or later version Micom 1.19.8 or later 8.02.0 or later Models 55WV40MS...

  • Page 49: Manual Adjustment

    B. Flow Chart of Calibration START Measure step You can check the brightness and color temperature Calibration Calibration (SuperSign Elite-C) Measure To check calibration result Check Good White Balance step Manual Adjustment (SuperSign C or Manual Adjustment IR Remote control) 1) Recommendation for values Gamma Create Gamma Table...

  • Page 50

    C. Appendix 1 : Manual Adjustment guide C-1. Two ways of manual adjustment 1) Manual Adjustment with SuperSign C > You can adjust white balance manually by changing R/G/B gain > Except some special cases such as broadcasted video wall, You should not change R/G/B offset value.

  • Page 51

    2) Entering ‘White Balance Adjust’ menu by using remote controller Case B) Entering ‘White Balance Adjust’ of installation menu by using any kinds of Case A) Pressing hot key of new remote controller remote controller You can enter to ‘White Balance Adjust’ menu Press the [MENU] button directly by pressing ‘W/BAL’...

  • Page 52

    C-2. Recommendation test pattern (in case of 3x3) 1) The test pattern needs to be moved and scaled up and down for comparing “White color” between 2x2 signage video wall displays * Check point: White and gray color Check! Check! Check! Step Check!

  • Page 53

    C-3. Calibration pattern 1) Test Patten C-4. R/G/B gain manipulation Symptom Symptom Action Action Magenta color case Greenish case Reduce Red & Blue gain Reduce Green gain Increase Green gain Increase Red & Blue gain Bluish case Yellowish case Reduce Blue gain Reduce Red &...

  • Page 54

    D. Appendix 2 : Troubleshooting Problem Resolution Did Calibration fail? Refer to the Version Matching chart. And If needed update both SOC(Flash) and Micom to the latest version. Is there any abnormal working at Check “Create Gamma Table” and calibrate again. SSC or monitor? If the result is same, please adjust manually.

  • Page 55

    E. Appendix 3 : Auto Set ID Guide (Only 47LV35A, 55LV35A, 55LV55A, 55LV75A, 55LV77A) E-1. Two ways of Auto Set ID 1) By using SuperSign C Select the 1st monitor daisy chained by RS-232C and Click the Auto SET ID button Monitor executes Auto Set ID.

  • Page 56: How To Prevent The Panel Falling Out

    4-12. How to prevent the panel falling out  Whenever you move the set, please try to use the handle on the rear side  If you move the set without using the rear handle, be careful not to touch the front of the panel (Especially, center of the bottom of panel) If you touch it strongly, the panel may go into inside of the module Panel got into the inside...

  • Page 57: 84ws70(84 Inch Ud Signage)

    84WS70(84 inch UD Signage) 5-1. Keep temperature 0°C ~ 40°C(Mandatory)  When installing this model, the temperature around the set must be maintained between 0°C and 40°C. Room 84WS70MS model Ambient Temperature : 0℃ ~ 40℃ When you use a enclosure for this model. To maintain the temperature inside the enclosure, you should consider using a cooling and heater solution.

  • Page 58: The Handles Are Removable

    5-2. The Handles are removable  The Handle can be removed from Set.  The Handle fixing Screw : M4 x L12.0 (With Spring Washer) Handle [84WS70MS rear side] Handle...

  • Page 59: Do Not Use A Screw That Is Longer Than 19.8mm (mandatory)

    5-3. Do not use a screw that is longer than 19.8mm (Mandatory)  You must use the screw holes when mounting the model  The Mounting screw holes are M8.0 Tap, Torque, pitch 1.25mm  The Screw hole depth of the panel is:19.8mm (Max) ...

  • Page 60

    5-4. Dimensions of 84WS70MS  Refer to below the dimension of 84WS70MS...

  • Page 61: Use The Eye-bolt Bracket To Lift

    5-5. Use the Eye-Bolt Bracket to lift  The Eye-bolt bracket is designed to be used to lift the set up  Attach the bracket to the product using the two screws provided  Eye-Bolt Bracket & Screws are provided with product ...

  • Page 62: Use The Vesa Screw Holes For Stand

    5-6. Use the vesa screw holes for stand  When need to assemble the stand for the 84WS70, you can use the vesa screw holes Vesa screw holes position Ex) Stand Screw hole for stand [ stand screw] [ With stand ] [ stand base]...

  • Page 63: Guide For Screw Size (mandatory)

    5-7. Guide for Screw Size (Mandatory)  Please avoid using incorrect screw size when installing 84WS70  If screw length excessively long , it can cause LED backlight damage by contacting LED Array and screw Black spots [ Defect Image] ...

  • Page 64: Do Not Install Such As Face Down Or Face Up Direction

    Other check point 6-1. Do not install such as face down or face up direction  When installed face up or down, it may occur as “sheet separated” or “Egg mura” . [Face down installation] [Face up installation] [Sheet separated] [Egg mura] NOTE ...

  • Page 65: Avoid Installing The In-door Signage At Out-door

    6-2. Avoid installing the in-door signage at out-door  In order to install in-door signage at out-door, you have to consider below condition. A. Keep the temperature 0°C ~ 40°C. When designing the enclosure, the temperature inside the enclosure must be maintained between 0°C and 40°C.

  • Page 66: Guide For Installing When Product Is Close To The Window

    6-3. Guide for installing when product is close to the window • when you install the signage close to the window, keep the distance and install the cooling system to prevent the high temperature problem A. Keep enough space between Signage and window B.

  • Page 67: The Tv Module Applied Model & Image Sticking

    • when installing the model with the applied TV module, be careful about putting into portrait mode and image sticking to use it properly A. The TV module applied model list Portrait Model Information Module Image sticking support 26TS30MF 26" Transparent TV module weak 38WR50MS 38” Stretched TV module weak 42WL10MS 42"...

  • Page 68: Enclosure Design Guide To Prevent Dust (indoor)

    6-5. Enclosure design guide to prevent dust (Indoor) • Glass Protected with Thermal Tempered Glass in Screen Area. Glass shall be AR (anti-reflection) or AG (anti-glare) coated. • FAN and Temperature Control FAN is required to intake Air cool ambient air into the Enclosure and Circulate Air inside. Inside temperature must be maintained between 0°C and 40°C (by Fan Speed control or ETC) •...

  • Page 69: Check The Baud Rate & Rs-232c Cable

    6-6. Check the Baud Rate & RS-232C cable • when you connect the signage to the control system with RS-232C cable, you have to check that the RS-232C cable is a crossed type, and the baud rate of control system & signage is 9600 Signage RS-232C cable...

  • Page 70: Keep The Distance For Embedded Installation

    6-7. Keep the distance for embedded installation • For embedded installation, please make sure that a space of more than 10 cm is left on all sides of the screen to ensure good ventilation. • Please make sure that the temperature in the surrounding area does not exceed 40 °C. A.

  • Page 71: Firmware Update By Supersignelite-c

    6-8. Firmware update by SuperSignElite-C [ Procedure ] ① Log-in SuperSignElite-c with ID : Admin and PW : 0000 ② Check a monitor to upgrade firmware file ③ Select [Upgrade] tab ④ To upload firmware file, Click the [Select File] button and choose the valid file ⑤...

  • Page 72

    [ Note ] • Upgrade function is supported if the monitor is connected to network. With not available model or serial connection, upgrade panel is disabled. [Case of selecting not available model] • The upgrade function is not supported in 47WV30 series and 55WV70MD. Platform Model Name F/W Version...

  • Page 73: Guide For How To Install Correctly To The Bracket

    6-9. Guide for how to install correctly to the bracket A. To keep the correct portrait direction • Check portrait mode in manual of product Case1) clockwise Case2) counterclockwise B. Should use the all of VESA hole’s 4point VESA hole [ Signage rear side ] C.

  • Page 74

    6-10. How to check the Signage power off history  When need to check power off history, refer to below guidance A. The applied model list Applied Model 42/47/55VS20 72WS70MS 42/47WL10 42/47VX50 72WX70MF 42/47VX30 55WV70MS/BS 47WX50MF/CF 84WS70MS/BS 32WL30/32WL30 55WV70MD TSP500 38WR50 B.

  • Page 75

    C. Power off history Status List Reason POWER_OFF_BY_REMOTE_KEY Using Remote Control POWER_OFF_BY_OFF_TIMER Using Timer Off Function POWER_OFF_BY_SLEEP_TIMER Using Sleep Timer Function POWER_OFF_BY_FAN_CONTROL Due to Fan trouble Due to Instop Key POWER_OFF_BY_INSTOP_KEY - Instop is Monitor set initialization before factory shipment Using Auto Off Function POWER_OFF_BY_AUTO_OFF - If it has No signal, Auto DC Power off after 15 minutes.

  • Page 76: Digital Signage Sw Download Method

    6-11. Digital Signage SW download method [ Step ] Internet homepage access( Select ‘DIGITAL SIGNAGE’ Select ‘PRODUCTS’ ‘PRODUCTS’ menu select (ex. ‘Monitor Signage’ , ‘LED’ , ‘84WS70’) Select ‘DOWNLOAD’ Select ’Software’...

  • Page 77: Supersign Sw Download Method

    6-12. SuperSign SW download method [ Step ] Internet homepage access( Select ‘DIGITAL SIGNAGE’ Select ‘SUPPORT’ and ‘Download’ Select ‘SuperSign SW’ Download SuperSign Software [ SuperSign SW ] SuperSign SW The latest SW Version (`14.07) SuperSign_Lite/ Editor/Player v2.1.5.0 SuperSign_C v2.1.1.0...

  • Page 78: Signage Sw Version Box Label Mark

    6-13. Signage SW version box label mark  To strengthen the visibility of software version of Signage product, manufacturer subsidiaries have been started to attach software version label on the box. Therefore any person can check software version applied on the box label A.

  • Page 79: Avoid Installing The Product At Oily Environment When Mounting To The Wall By Using A Wall Mounting Bracket

    6-14. Avoid installing the product at oily environment when mounting to the wall by using a wall mounting bracket • If the product is installed where there is a abundant of oil mist and where it might be exposed to oil, the product can be damaged by oil which can cause the product to fall off from the wall mounting bracket and could cause personal injury.

  • Page 80: Check The Input Label When Signage Is Set Up With A Pc/media Player

    6-15. Check the Input Label when Signage is set up with a PC/Media Player  If the lnput Labels are set for the DTV, the screen sharpness may not be good (“PC” and “DTV” label work differently, it is because their input signal level is different) ...

  • Page 81: Do Not Spray Directly Onto The Screen When Cleaning The Monitor By Using A Cleaning Liquid

    6-16. Do not spray directly onto the screen when cleaning the monitor by using a cleaning liquid  When cleaning the monitor, gently rub with a soft cloth  If you use the cleaning liquid, please do not spray directly. Instead, use a cloth moistened with a little liquid ...

  • Page 82: Check The Guide Spacer When Installing Wall Mount

    6-17. Check the Guide Spacer when installing wall mount  Please check the Guide Spacer whether it is installed or not  If the Guide Spacer is not installed, it can cause defects of product such as “No signal by remote control”...

  • Page 83: Be Careful Not To Fall Off The Wall Metal Material

    6-18. Be careful not to fall off the wall metal material  When you make a hole of the wall in order to install the product , metal material of the wall can be inserted between module and back cover . And it can be cause abnormal screen ...

  • Page 84: Check The Usb Device Is Bad Or Not

    6-19. Check the USB device is bad or not  USB device defect can cause an abnormal screen such as “Image broken” or “No signal”  If you experience symptoms as the below image, please check the USB device is bad or not For example, you can check by replacement with other USB Example of 42WS50BS [ Image broken]...

  • Page 85

    Accessories 7-1. How to connect the Stand   When need to use the stand, refer to below guidance Place a soft cloth on the table and carefully place the product on it with the screen facing downward < In case of 32LS33A> Use the screws to fix the stand on the rear side of the product as shown the image <...

  • Page 86

    7-2. How to clean Touch Overlay(KT-T650)   When cleaning the Touch Overlay, please gently rub with a soft cloth A. Touch Overlay • LGE provides Touch Overlay as an accessory and it can only be used with 65LS33A  65LS33A KT-T650 B.

  • Page 87

    Separate 65” Touch Overlay After cleaning, please assemble Side /Bottom and gently rub the back of the glass using a soft cloth /Top Bracket Assemble the Pentray NOTE  If you want to do White Balance Calibration , please use after removing the touch overlay...

  • Page 88

    7-3. How to connect the OPS with KT-OPSA  LGE provides KT-OPSA (OPS kit) as an accessory and it can be used with Intel OPS  OPS means “Open Pluggable Specification” and it comply with Intel OPS specifications  If you want to use the Intel OPS with our product, please refer to below guidance A.

  • Page 89

    Close the top cover of the KT-OPSA and Insert the OPS Player (sold separately) tighten it on the left and right with the two into the bottom hole of the KT-OPSA screws provided. and finish the installation by tightening the two screws provided on the bottom. OPS Player NOTE ...

  • Page 90: Revision History

    • Modify a picture (17p) • Add about heat distribution (Video Wall) V1.4 2013.03.29 • Add about 84WS70 • Recommendation of operation Time(26TS30MF) • Add for 84WS70’s stand V1.5 2013.04.29 • No warranty for face up or down - installation •...

  • Page 91

    Version Revised Date Revised Contents • Add about 72WX70MF • Update of SW version for calibration V 2.0 2013.09.30 • Guide for Digital Signage SW download method • How to check Signage power off history • Installation check guide and SuperSignElite V2.1 2013.11.01 download...

  • Page 92

    Version Revised Date Revised Contents • Daisy Chain Monitor using the DP Cable • Update of the White Balance Calibration V2.8 2014.06.02 Instruction • Remove the Contents 5-7 & 6-18 • Be careful the cable damage when installing V 2.9 2014.07.02 enclosure •...

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