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Versalink® B7025, B7030 B7035 - Xerox AltaLink B8045 Security Manual

Office class multi-function products & single-function printers
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Xerox® Security Guide for Office Class Products: AltaLink®  VersaLink®
VersaLink® B7025, B7030 B7035
Physical Overview
11. Stabilizer
12. Bypass paper feed tray
13. USB2.0 (Host Type A)*
14. Touch screen user interface.
15. Upper paper tray
16. Lower paper tray
17. Paper feed trays
Security Related Interfaces
Optional Wi-Fi Dongle
Rear USB 3.0 (Type B)
Front Panel Optional
USB2.0 (Type A) port(s)
Encryption and Overwrite
TPM Chip
Media Sanitization
November 2018
18. Caster wheels
19. USB3.0 (Target Type B)*
20. Optional Wi-Fi dongle port*
21. RJ45 Ethernet connection*
22. Debug serial port (DIN)*
23. AC Power
10/100/1000 MB Ethernet interface.
Supports optional 802.11 Dongle.
USB target connector used for printing.
Note: This port can be disabled completely by a system administrator.
Users may insert a USB thumb drive to print from or store scanned files
to. (Physical security of this information is the responsibility of the user
or operator.) Note that features that leverage USB ports (such as Scan
To USB) can be disabled independently or restricted using role based
access controls.
Firmware upgrades may be applied using this port.
Connection of optional equipment such as NFC or CAC readers.
Note: This port can be disabled completely by a system administrator.
TPM chip is standard and cannot be disabled.
Immediate and On-Demand Image Overwrite.
(Located under steel plate)
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