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Ip Whitelisting (Ip Address Filtering); Stateful Firewall (Advanced Ip Filtering) - Xerox AltaLink B8045 Security Manual

Office class multi-function products & single-function printers
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Xerox® Security Guide for Office Class Products: AltaLink®  VersaLink®
Stateful Firewall
IP Whitelist

IP Whitelisting (IP Address Filtering)

VersaLink® products support IP Whitelisting only.
When enabled all traffic is prohibited regardless of interface (wired/wireless) unless enabled by IP filter
rule. IPv4 and IPv6 are enabled separately. If IP Filter and IPsec are both enabled, IPsec is evaluated
first. Up to 25 addresses can be enabled for IPv4 and an additional 25 for IPv6. Addresses include IP
and subnet allowing individual system or subnets to be enabled. A system administrator can disable this
feature using the embedded web server.

Stateful Firewall (Advanced IP Filtering)

AltaLink® products support stateful packet inspection that it tracks connections and packet flows. Rules
may be configured that examine incoming and outgoing packets. Packets are matched against each rule
in order until a match occurs and allows the packet to be accepted, rejected, or dropped.
November 2018
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