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Identification, Authentication, And Authorization; Authentication; Altalink® And Versalink® Devices Support The Following Authentication Mode; Local Authentication - Xerox AltaLink B8045 Security Manual

Office class multi-function products & single-function printers
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Xerox® Security Guide for Office Class Products: AltaLink®  VersaLink®

7 Identification, Authentication, and Authorization

AltaLink® and VersaLink® products offer a range of authentication and authorization options to support
various environments.
Single Factor authentication is supported locally on the product or via external network authentication
servers (e.g. LDAP, Kerberos, ADS). Multi Factor authentication is supported by addition of card reader
hardware. (Where ease of access is desired, open access and simple user identification modes also
exist, however these are not recommended for secure environments.)
In all modes, product administrator accounts always require authentication. This cannot be disabled.
A flexible RBAC (Role Based Access Control) security model supports granular to assign of user
permissions. Once a user has been authenticated, the product grants (or denies) user permissions
based upon the role(s) they have been assigned to. Pre-defined roles that may be used or custom roles
may be created as desired.


AltaLink® and VersaLink® devices support the following authentication mode:
 Local Authentication
 Network Authentication
 Smart Card Authentication (CAC, PIV, SIPR, .Net)
 Convenience Authentication

Local Authentication

The local user database stores user credential information. The printer uses this information for local
authentication and authorization, and for Xerox ® Standard Accounting. When you configure local
authentication, the printer checks the credentials that a user provides against the information in the user
database. When you configure local authorization, the printer checks the user database to determine
which features the user is allowed access.
Note: User names and passwords stored in the user database are not transmitted over the network

Password Policy

The following password attributes can be configured:
Password Policy
Minimum Length
Maximum Length
Password cannot contain User Name
Password complexity options (in addition
to alphabetic characters)
November 2018
B8045, B8055, B8065, B8075,
B405, B605, B615, B7025,
B8090, C8030, C8035, C8045,
B7030, B7035, C405, C505,
C8055, C8070
C605, C7020, C7025, C7030
Require a number
Require a number
Require non-alphabetic
VersaLink® Printers
B400, B600, B610, C400,
C500, C600, C7000, C8000,
Require a number
Require non-alphabetic
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