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Using Your Dashboard Camera; Recording And Saving; Switching Modes - Motorola MDC150 User Manual

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Table of Contents
• You can also power it ON or OFF manually by
pressing the On/Off button.
• Whenever the device is turned ON or OFF, you will
see a splash screen showing the Motorola logo.

3. Using your Dashboard Camera

3.1 Recording and Saving

The purpose of your dashboard camera is to
continuously record the road ahead, and to
automatically record and save any incidents or
accidents you might be involved in. The status LED
(Blue) will flash when it is recording.
Your device records video by clusters of 1 minute.
It is equipped with a sensor that detects shocks.
Each time a shock is detected, it will permanently
save the cluster during which the event occurred.
The sensitivity of the sensor can be changed in the
settings menu, see section "4.1 Main Settings".
Once your SD card is full, it will automatically
overwrite the oldest footage.

3.2 Switching Modes

You can switch between the Video and Playback
mode by pressing the Mode button. Video mode is
Using your Dashboard Camera

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Table of Contents

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