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First Use; Using Your Dashboard Camera; Switching Modes - Motorola MDC500GW User Manual

Dashboard camera with gps and wifi
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First Use

• Insert a SD card (not provided) in the SD card slot.
Your dashboard camera accepts SD cards of up to 32GB
capacity (class 10). You MUST format the SD card before
Your dashboard camera will always power up and begin
recording automatically as soon as it is connected to a
power source. The status LED (Blue) will flash when it is
• You can also power it ON or OFF manually by pressing
the On/Off button.

3. Using your Dashboard Camera

Press the Menu/Back button to access Main Settings or Video
Settings, press Up or Down to navigate, OK to confirm, and
Menu/Back to go back or cancel.
Due to technical reasons, Parking mode is disabled by default.
You can enable it in settings.

Switching Modes

You can switch between the Video and Playback mode by
pressing the Mode button. Video mode is the default mode.
To view or delete saved footages, switch to Playback mode.
3.2.1 Mass Storage Mode
You can also connect the device to your computer using the
standard micro USB cable to view and manage videos stored
inside the SD card.
Getting Started

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