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Safety Instructions - Motorola MDC150 User Manual

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1. Safety Instructions

• Do not install the device within the driver's or
passenger airbag operation range. Please refer to your
car's service manual for details about the operation
range of your car's airbags.
• Never modify modes, settings, or program your
device while your car is in motion.
• Ensure the device and its power cord are installed as
per the instructions on page 6, and do not obstruct
the driver's line of sight or impede the operation of
any driving controls.
Before using the dash cam, the user shall check
the applicable laws on the use of dash cams.
In some jurisdictions, the use of dash cams can be
considered as an invasion of privacy.
Furthermore, the mounting of the dash cam on
the windshield might be regulated by law in some
It is the user's responsibility to check the
applicable laws before using the dash cam. We do
not take any responsibility for wrong or unlawful
use of the dash cam.
Safety Instructions

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Table of Contents

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