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Parking Mode - Motorola MDC150 User Manual

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Table of Contents
1. Mode
2. Video length
3. Video number
4. Resolution
5. Micro SD card
6. Battery
7. Playback control Press the OK button to start

3.3 Parking Mode

Your dashboard camera can record footages of
events occurring when your car is parked with its
engine off. The built-in battery will keep the sensor of
your device in stand-by mode, and will start recording
automatically for 30 seconds
if it detects vibration or a shock. Parking mode can
only record
and save footage after an event has been detected
by the sensor.
Using your Dashboard Camera
Indicates the dashboard camera
is in Playback mode.
Displays the current video
Displays the current video
Displays the current resolution.
Displays SD card inserted or not.
Indicates whether MDC150 is
running on battery or external

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Table of Contents

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